IT’S TIME FOR HH…I can see light at the end of the tunnel – Masebo

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema says Lusaka should pioneer change of government in next year’s elections.

Hichilema addressed an animated sizeable rally at Chilenje South Secondary School ground in Kabwata Constituency, Lusaka on Sunday.

The rally was organised by Kabwata Constituency UPND executive committee and Hichilema was called to grace it.

Hichilema tipped police officers and soldiers to take keen interest in the ongoing voter registration and register, as well.

Lusaka Province UPND chairman Obvious Mwaliteta underscored to the crowd that the opposition party is pushing for another permit to hold a rally in Lusaka Province.

“But I’m worried if at all they will give us that permit, looking at how successful today’s rally is. But we’ll continue pushing for permits until we finish the whole of Lusaka. On November 22, we’ll be in Luangwa district…” said Mwaliteta.

For the party’s mobilisation chairperson Sylvia Masebo, she recalled that in 2016 at the last UPND presidential rally in Munali Constituency, “I warned Zambians that ba Lungu will ruin this country.”

“Some of you dismissed what I said and branded me as talkative. Do you have anything to say today? Many people ask me as to why I’m quiet these days? But what can I say when everything is in the public for all to see?” Masebo told the gathering. “Everything has been ruined in this country today. But God has presented another chance to Zambians, in that we shall have a general election in less than nine months from now. Go and register as a voter!”

She thanked Hichilema for accepting to address the constituency rally, at a short notice.

“Mr president, this is your time. God is saying yes and nobody will say no. This is time for HH! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel,” said Masebo.

Party national chairman Mutale Nalumango also spoke at the rally.

For Hichilema, he emphasised that: “the headline message is that it’s time for change.”

“We can only change, better our lives if we deliver change. We’ve always delivered change by working together. Let’s work together in 2021 to deliver change. Mukandu nashale (the coward should remain behind)!” he said. “When we work towards change, there is no room for cowardice. Kabwata well done! If you are going to front fear, you won’t see change. When agitating for change of government, there shouldn’t be anyone receding into their gender.”

Hichilema encouraged both women and men to be brave, in the pursuit of voting out the PF in August 2021.

“Lusaka must be number one to deliver change in 2021 – this is the capital of Zambia. Ensure that you get a voter’s card or you will suffer for another five years, after the 2021 polls,” Hichilema said. “Can you withstand another five years of the PF government? Even if there are long queues at voter registration centres, it’s better for you to sleep on those queues and get registered. That way, you would have guaranteed yourselves a better life for five, 10, 20, 30 years. We have already agreed that it’s time for change. This is it! We’ll fight for more registration machines in all the polling stations.”

He also indicated that everyone in the UPND structures must ensure that they get voter’s cards.

“If you don’t get a voter’s card, I’ll instruct the SG (secretary general) and Masebo to do an audit so that they can remove you from your position. If you are a National Management Committee member but you don’t have a voter’s card, you’ll be removed from your position,” Hichilema said.

He further encouraged police officers, soldiers and other civil servants throughout the country to massively register as voters.

“Policemen, we know that you are also going through hardships. Army, police, National Service, ZAF, paramilitary, [other] civil servants, ensure that you register as voters and your conditions of service will improve,” promised Hichilema. “You are a civil servant and you want to be promoted, get a voter’s card and go and vote for HH.”

Party’s members of parliament in Sheal Mulyata (Rufunsa), Aubrey Bampi Kapalasa (Katuba), Mathews Jere (Livingstone Central), Chrispin Mwiinga (Chikankata), Credo Nanjuwa (Mumbwa) and Romeo Kangombe (Sesheke) attended the rally.

Secretary general Stephen Katuba and his deputies (Patrick Mucheleka and Gertrude Imenda) were also present.

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