Other parties have youth wings, PF has a thug wing – Nzowa

DP national chairman Nedson Nzowa says while other political parties have youth wings, the PF has “a thug wing.”

Nzowa spoke at the Democratic Party (DP) first extraordinary national convention in Chilanga district last Friday.

He said regardless of all the adversaries, “we are able to organise our party.”

Nzowa told delegates to the convention that DP president Harry Kalaba had been physically attacked more than seven times.

“Our members have been attacked. Even yesterday (on Thursday) we went for [voter] registration at Twashuka Primary School in Kanyama, some of our colleagues were attacked. Attacked for just registering!” Nzowa complained.

“Now, this PF – I didn’t want to mention the name PF at our convention because it can spoil the mood and appetite of most of the people here. But they are the ones that attacked us! What are they looking for by intimidating people?”

He accused agents of the governing PF of intimidating people at voter registration centres, “so that they don’t turn up in large numbers to vote.”

“This gonna not happen. We shall turn out in large numbers and they shall see. The people of Zambia are sick and tired. We cannot go on like this!” Nzowa stressed. “Mr president (Kalaba), you are a very brave person. I remember one day we were going to Itimpi (Garneton area in Kitwe) and we were warned that the PF laid an ambush, someone to attack us. But the president said ‘we’ll pass through there’ and we passed through.”

He cited examples to delegates for them to know that the DP shall not succumb to intimidation from anyone.

“And we don’t expect you to run away from these PF thugs. We are appealing to them, through the press who are here, to cage their thugs,” Nzowa said. “All political parties have got youth wing [but] they are the only ones who have a thug wing – a wing for thugs. We don’t want this! We are brothers and sisters; we should learn to co-exist.”

He added that when the PF came into power in 2011, they found people.

“Rupiah Banda never caged them. [But] why should they cage others? Why should they attack others? It’s because they know their days are numbers,” Nzowa noted. “Right now they are panicking and they are not one; they are in several camps. But we are one in DP.”

Nzowa is a former Kabushi member of parliament and one-time deputy High Commissioner to Canada.

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