Mpezeni calls for voter registration extension

PARAMOUNT Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni people in Eastern Province has appealed to President Edgar Lungu to urge the Electoral Commission of Zambia to extend the voter registration period.

And President Lungu has urged the Paramount Chief to encourage headmen to sensitise the people on voter registration.

Speaking when President Lungu paid a courtesy call on him at Ephendukeni Palace on Tuesday, Mpezeni said he was happy with the President’s work.

“God should guide you because you have done a lot. You have built schools, you have worked on roads, you have given out fertiliser. But the country is too big and everything cannot be done at once. I am appealing to you to ensure that ECZ extend the voter registration period,” he said.

Mpezeni said at first President Lungu was just finishing late president Michael Sata’s term but was now serving his term.

And President Edgar Lungu has appealed to Mpezeni to encourage his headmen and indunas to sensitise people so that they register as voters.

President Lungu said it was important for people to register as voters so that they take part in next year’s elections.

“If they don’t register, they will not take part in choosing leaders of their choice,” he said.

President Lungu said the government would continue working on the roads, hospitals and other infrastructure.

And when he met Chipata chiefs, President Lungu urged traditional leaders to counsel politicians so that peace continues to prevail.

He appealed to traditional leaders to the encourage people to register as voters.

Earlier, chief Maguya thanked President Lungu for finding time to meet traditional leaders.

And during a meeting with headmen, President Lungu said his government would continue working with headmen.

He said the government would look into the issue of transport that the headmen raised.

On the issue of including headmen on social cash transfer, President Lungu said he would consult the Minister of Community Development and that if it is not possible, the government would devise a system of helping the headmen.

The President will be in Eastern Province until Sunday.

During his tour, the Head of State would meet chiefs, headmen and the clergy.

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