I see the PF ruling beyond 2026 – Evans

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu shall be on the ballot paper in 2021 and shall win with over 60 per cent of the votes that shall be cast, says Southern Province PF chairman Lawrence Evans.

He foresees the PF to be in power until well after 2031.

Evans said those fighting President Lungu have bad intentions for the nation.

“The nation is in very capable hands of a man that has a heart for the people. He is always preoccupied about the suffering masses and his aim is to make this country much better than he found it,” he said. “We will help him achieve his goals and we want to tell Zambians not to listen to distractors who just want to fatten themselves. We, as PF in Southern Province, want to assure all Zambians that President Edgar Chagwa Lungu shall be on the ballot paper come next year.”

Evans said the opposition was a group of failed leaders, many of whom were in PF before they jumped ship.

“Look at their record when they were given a chance to help build a better Zambia! It is four out of a hundred if you are to rate them. But now they are using the same money they were paid by government to fight the PF,” he said.

Evans said the PF was busy developing the country while the opposition was busy not offering meaningful checks and balances.

Evans has since appealed to PF members especially youths and women to register as voters.

“Let’s go out and register so that we teach the opposition a lesson. We are the best team on the pitch and we need more goals to be on the top forever. I see the PF ruling beyond 2026, we may end up going all the way to 2031,” said Evans.

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