Mpezeni and Lungu’s third term

Mpezeni says he is happy with the works of Edgar Lungu.

“God should guide you because you have done a lot. You have built schools, you have worked on roads, you have given out fertiliser but the country is too big and everything cannot be done at once,” says Mpezeni, adding that Edgar was just finishing late president Michael Sata’s term but was now doing his term.

What is doing a lot that Mpezeni is talking about?

What schools and roads has Edgar built in Northern, Muchinga, North Western, Western, Central and Southern provinces?

What fertilisers have the people of these provinces received?

In Muchinga it had to take the Tanzanian government to start building the impassable road from Nakonde to Mpika. What is the state of the Lusaka-Mongu road? What about the roads to Lukulu, Sikongo, Shang’ombo, Mulobezi? The list is endless.

If Edgar’s government has built a lot of schools and worked on roads in Eastern Province, Mpezeni has every right to praise and thank him. But he should confine himself to that because as he correctly observes, Zambia is big – bigger than his chiefdom.

On the issue of Edgar’s third term, it will be better for Mpezeni to confine himself to issues he understands and has competency in. The issue of Edgar’s third term seems to be beyond his competency.

Trying to justify or explain things one has little or no knowledge about often leads to embarrassment.

Mpezeni may be enjoying a good personal relationship with Edgar and receiving a lot of gifts and favours from him, but that should end between the two of them. Extending that too far to encompass the whole country will not be right and can annoy or irritate other people.

Many people see Edgar as the worst President this country has ever had. They see Edgar as a President that has destroyed their country in every sense.

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