MDC has taken over MMD structures in Southern Province – Mulobela

THE MDC has taken over all MMD structures in Southern Province, claims Vincent Mulobela.

Mulobela, who is MDC Southern Province chairperson, says the MDC is the only hope for Zambians.

“As MDC we are on course in the province. We have taken over all the structures of MMD. You know that we are a split of the MMD after the court ruling of November 5, 2019. So we decided to form a political party away from MMD, which does not support any other party but stands on its own,” Mulobela said in an interview.

He said former MMD structures were in support of the MDC.

“We are all one, we are standing firm. We are very strong and united,” Mulobela said.

He said the MDC had become the only alternative political party for the Zambian people.

“The Zambian people have lost trust in some of these political parties and MDC has become the solution to Zambia’s problems such as political, economic and democratic governance. We are a country that has lost its democratic firmness,” Mulobela said. “We are united in the province and we have been to all districts.”

He said the PF had destroyed Zambia in all aspects.

“The PF has taken Zambia to shame, the good name of Zambia during the time of MMD in power has gone. Not too long ago all commodities were at low price, one US dollar was at K3.50 but now it’s at K21. Everything that was costing K10 now is K100,” Mulobela said. “Life for Zambians has become unbearable and the MDC is the only party that Zambians must put faith into. It is the only party that stands on the ground of peace and true democracy. Now we see pangas, guns and people with knives in their pockets just to make one person President.”

Asked if the MDC would field candidates at all levels, Mulobela answered in the affirmative.

“We have 179 wards in the province, so we will field councillors in all of them. We have 13 councils, so we will field 18 mayors and council chairmen and also field MPs in all the province’s 18 constituencies,” he said.

Mulobela also said the MDC manifesto was ready and would be launched at the party’s convention whose date he did not indicate.

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