Students deserve financial assistance

University of Zambia students who cannot pay 100 per cent of their tuition fees are not being allowed to sit for examinations while the government is dishing out huge amounts of money to all sorts of people under the youth empowerment scheme.

And the students who are seeing public funds being dished out to Patriotic Front cadres or sympathisers are expected to quietly go away and cut short their university education!

It’s not reasonable for the government to expect students to pay 100 per cent of their tuition fees before they can be allowed to sit for examinations under these COVID-19 financial and economic difficulties.

If others need government bailouts under these COVID-19 conditions what about students?

And even without COVID-19 challenges, the great majority of our people are very poor to afford fees for the education of their children. They need help.

And Dr Fred M’membe is right when he says, “They made our young people the victims of every kind of unjust conditions imaginable. And when they explode, they want them to explode politely! Why, they are dealing with the wrong young people at the wrong time in the wrong way. Let’s not forget that all over the world, it is young people who are actually involving themselves in the struggle to eliminate oppression, exploitation and humiliation. They are the ones who most quickly identify with the struggle and the necessity to eliminate the unacceptable conditions that exist.”

Students deserve financial support too. COVID-19 has not spared their families or sponsors financially.

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