ZAMBIA is not going anywhere with the kind of football played in Botswana, says Keegan Chipango.

Commenting on the 0-1 Chipolopolo loss to the Zebras on Monday in Francistown, Chipango, a former Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) committee member, wondered if the association’s internal wrangles were affecting the players’ morale.

“I watched the entire game on Botswana TV (Btv) and with what I saw, I am asking FAZ to sit down with the boys and ask them as to what is going on in the camp, because with the kind of football they displayed we are not going anywhere. If we continue playing that kind of football then we will not qualify for the World Cup or the Africa Cup of Nations,” he said. “My plea is to FAZ to sit with the boys and ask, has the game been polarised by the wrangles in FAZ or is it a question of divided loyalty? To be very honest with you my brother, what the boys displayed was very disappointing; it was not encouraging. What I saw tells a lot than what meets the eye. Even the Tswanas were surprised to see what Zambia displayed.”

Chipango urged FAZ to quickly interrogate the boys and find a solution.

“I asked myself if the boys were playing under protest. FAZ needs to move in quickly and get to the bottom of this otherwise we are not going anywhere,” said Chipango.

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