Don’t insult retirees with cooking oil handouts – Sensele

PAY retirees their dues, don’t insult them with handouts of two litres of cooking oil, says NDC member of the central committee Paul Sensele.

On Thursday, Livingstone district commissioner Pascalina Musokotwane handed out Delite cooking oil confiscated from smugglers by the Zambia Revenue Authority to retirees.

Musokotwane told journalists that her office was tasked by the ZRA to identify vulnerable people to be given Delite cooking oil.

“We are going to distribute cooking oil to members of the community, retirees, freedom fighters and people living with disabilities. We were privileged to be beneficiaries of goods that ZRA was giving out to some people. We also identified orphanages such as Lushomo, Kwatu just to mention a few,” Musokotwane said.

She said each recipient was going to receive two litres of cooking oil out of the 70 boxes donated by ZRA.

But Sensele said this was a mockery.

“Retirees have been made destitute by the PF government of Mr Edgar Lungu. I have indicated before that Michael Sata was not going to allow what is now happening in the nation,” he said. “Our fathers worked for their money and they deserve to be paid. But what we see is PF leaders stealing even the little that they saved in national coffers. Please ba PF pay our retiree their money. Don’t humiliate or insult them by giving them two litres of condemned cooking oil which may make them sick, because that cooking oil could have been expired. If not what are they expected to cook it with? This is an insult. I wonder what she would have felt if her own father was to be treated the way she treated the Livingstone based retirees.”

Sensele urged the retirees to register as voters and get the PF out of office.

“We, in the alliance, are committed to taking care of you. You deserve better than two litres of cooking oil,” said Sensele.

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