Headline Matters with Chambwa: This team 2022

Some years back, things were what they really are. If you want clarity, things were called by their right names. Blue was blue. Red was red. And green was green. There are so many euphemisms now.

I want to imagine that one could walk into a public media newsroom like ZNBC’s to give an interview. They could then leave without being charged with trespassing, days later! But maybe that was as far back as 2010. This article should not land me into a case of trespassing in a sphere someone thinks I have less gen.

Football House is merely the principal administrative centre of football matters in Zambia. And not some hatchery of delinquencies which are undesirable in the world of modern football! Like way back – back like in early 2000s – Football House has retained its affability. And it is people who make institutions be what they are. For now, there is INTEGRITY at Football House. If you are gender sensitive, you can add MR before that noun. Whatever I have said so far can earn me a fantastic beating by stuck-up football politics zealots. But that’s what polarisation in any domain does; it sharply divides opinion and kills brainy debate.

You may be wondering; but what polarisation? Look, there is an Africa Cup of Nations (AfCON) qualifier match involving Chipolopolo Boys and the Zebras of Botswana at National Heroes Stadium in Lusaka. Chipolopolo triumphs 2 -1 and yet a substantial number of football politicians are cursing on social media platforms. In a reverse fixture in Francistown, the Zebras defeat Chipolopolo 1 – 0 and those who were cursing the victory go into fête. What’s going? Our eyes, ears and even noses MUST be open to see, hear and even smell more from what the green-eyed are offering.

I’m not a greenhorn at football matters in Zambia. But I guess to that fanatic of football blocs, I have trespassed into tetchy Football House issues. And I should be taken to where those who trespass into ZNBC and other places end up. But hey, I’m a pacifier. If I were not, I would have callously called people by their right names. I mean those who curse victory and celebrate failure! Come early next year, it will be Zimbabwe versus Zambia and later Zambia versus Algeria. Since I’m a perpetual innate optimist, I say congratulations Chipolopolo and Football House. The AfCON will be staged in Cameroon and this team MUST be there! Yes, Chipolopolo Boys. #thisteam2022
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