Why is Lungu trying to change the title of President?

Edgar Lungu is starting to behave like Joseph Mobutu of Zaire, Idi Amin of Uganda and Emperor Bokasa of the Central African Republic. They gave themselves endless titles to make themselves feel more important and powerful. Without these titles they felt small and inadequate.

UNIP had stopped trade unions and other organisations from using the title of “President ” and they complied. The Zambia Congress of Trade Unions changed from “President” to “Chairman General”. UNZASU refused to comply.

This denotes a path to dictatorship. It started with forcing UNZA to decorate him with an unearned honorary doctorate in good governance. Now he wants President General and next is Emperor, Field Marshal and commander of all creatures on the land and under the water.

This is how dictatorship and political madness starts. These are very dangerous signs of wanting to remain in power until death.

It explains why he so desperately wants a third term.

And Zambians should brace themselves for a very difficult struggle to stop this tinpot dictator from continuing in office and ruining the country. He is far away from being ready to leave next year. He will use any means to remain in power. The death of Bill 10 will not stop him. Let’s stop celebrating the defeat of Bill 10 and start to mobilise against this tyrant.

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