HH explains pa munyoko phrase

HAKAINDE Hichilema has clarified the meaning of pa munyoko, for those who continue to misunderstand the phrase.

At his Pemba and Dundumwezi voter sensitisation rallies recently, the UPND leader, using Chitonga, told gatherings that when PF supporters go about alluringly shouting pabwato (on the boat), they should respond that pa munyoko (give your relative).

However, the government, through its spokesperson Dora Siliya, translated that as an insult and issued a statement to reprimand Hichilema for using “disgusting and insulting words.”

On a special interview programme at Byta Radio in Choma yesterday, Hichilema reiterated that what he said is no insult, as long as the interpreter unequivocally understands Tonga.

The programme was concurrently being broadcast on Zambezi Radio (Livingstone), Chikuni Radio (Monze), Choma Maanu (Choma) and Namwianga Radio (Kalomo).

Asked to clarify the controversy that his pa munyoko remark has brewed, Hichilema said: “mbobuya mbundakaamba (here is what I said).”

“Ndakaamba kuti nobana Pemba mulapenga (I said you are suffering, people of Pemba). Hena fertiliser mulikwete (do you have fertiliser)? Ati peepe, balavuwa (they responded with a no). Mulapenga (are you suffering)? Umwiima fertiliser nguni (who is denying you access to fertiliser)?” Hichilema explained. “Hena bana balaiya (do your children go to school)? Ati peepe (they said no). Ino bakamana cikolo balikwete milimo (do those who completed school have jobs)? Ati peepe (they said no). Kkooti PF njiimupenzya (so it’s PF that’s making you to suffer)?”

He added: “ndati waboola wa PF kuti amulembye kuti muye ku PF (so I said when a PF member comes to recruit you to join the PF) mumuvuwe aka window aamba kuti pabwato (respond on your house’s window when they shout pabwato), muvuwe kuti pa munyoko (respond that give your relative).”

“‘Koya ku munyoko mebo wandipenzya (go to your relative, you’ve made me to suffer).’ Wandipa kubula cakulya mung’anda (you’ve made me to have no food in my house). Koya kumweenzinyoko (go to your friend), mebo nseli mweenzinyoko (I’m not your friend),” Hichilema explained. “And it’s for sure that people have suffered and they don’t want the PF.”

He said whoever wanted to report him to police for saying pa munyoko should do so, without delay.

“Nkubula cakucita oko (that’s being too free). Zambia taili yaba sazinyoko balo (Zambia is not for your relatives only) mbomulya limwi mabulo (who you collaborate with into corruption), bancelele bula (the self-centred),” Hichilema said.

“So, it’s pa munyoko (give your relative). The pronunciation will differ with Tongas from the valley and from the plateau. But the meaning is the same! Only someone who doesn’t understand plain Tonga will bring in other things, like the insults I’m hearing now.”

Earlier, Hichilema said: “Bally will fix the economy to benefit the people of Zambia, and not for his benefit only.”

He also told those who are going to register as voters to carry along 10 other eligible voters, for registration.

“I have issued an instruction to every [UPND] MP to leave Lusaka and go to their constituencies and encourage people to register as voters. The same applies for councillors and council chairperson and mayors. Assist people to get voters’ card,” noted Hichilema.

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