South PS eyes Senanga parliamentary seat

SOUTHERN Province permanent secretary Mwangala Liomba says he is resigning from the public service to contest the Senanga parliamentary seat next year.

In an interview, Liomba said he was very sure of scooping the seat.

“Yes, I am contesting the Senanga parliamentary seat and, yes, I am resigning as permanent secretary…I am very sure of scooping the seat, very sure,” Liomba said.

Asked who is financing his fuel for party mobilisation in Senanga, Liomba said whatever was happening at the moment in Senanga was being done from his own resources.

“Whatever I am doing is from my pocket,” said Liomba.

Recently, Secretary to Cabinet Simon Miti gave public officers who have become actively engaged in partisan politics not later than November 30 to resign.

“It has been alleged and generally observed that a number of public officers have become publicly engaged in partisan politics. This has not only affected their performance to provide public service but also goes against Public Service code of ethics,” said Dr Miti.

According to a notice by Western Province PF vice information and publicity secretary Maliande Lipoba, an undisclosed amount of fuel was donated to the Western Province executive committee for monitoring of the voter registration exercise.

“Owing to limitations of the resource that the following districts be beneficiaries in the first phase as more resources are being out-sourced to cater for the remaining districts: Kaoma district PF chairman Taundi Chiseke to collect the fuel donated by DC (district commissioner) Kaoma, Mr Kennedy Liale, Mwandi district PF chairman to collect the fuel donated by Mwandi DC Ms Precious Muyenga,” reads the notice. “Sesheke district PF chairman Mr Noah Mutale to collect the fuel donated by DC Sesheke Mr Sililo Namawa and Nalolo district chairman to collect the fuel donated by Nalolo DC Mr Teddy Chimbinde.”

Other fuel distribution lines include, “Senanga district chairman Mr Lance to collect fuel from PS (permanent secretary) Southern Province Mr Liyomba [sic], himself an aspiring candidate for adoption to contest on PF party as MP Senanga Constituency… the PF district chairmen for the underlisted districts should collect there [sic] fuel from Mongu and the contact person is our mobilisation coordinator Mr Glenn Kalimbwe. The districts are Sioma, Shangombo, Sikongo, Mitete, Lukulu and Luampa.”

The PF added that frantic efforts were being made to source for more fuel to cater for the remaining districts.

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