End load-shedding as you promised, Luonde tells govt

OPPOSITION National Democratic Congress (NDC) has asked government to state when load-shedding will end in the country.

He says everywhere one looks one is met with misery and poverty.

Last year, both Zesco management and energy minister Mathew Nkhuwa told the nation that load-shedding would end by November 2020.

However, the situation has even worsened when people expected it to improve or even get back to normal.

Reflecting on the situation, NDC national chairperson Fr Richard Luonde said it seemed that it had become an incurable problem.

“Load-shedding has become an incurable problem and disease to most of us Zambians, if not all, except for the well to do and the corrupt running our government today. How many of us can manage generators and solar panels in this dead economy?” he asked. “Reminding us of how long it will take for load-shedding to end is adding salt to injury. Last year we were promised by this government that load-shedding would end this month. What has worsened the situation now? Why are we being told that the situation is bad at a time when we expected relief? It is not good for government leaders to keep lying to people. They knew that they could not manage to address the load-shedding problem but they were assuring us falsely.”

Fr Luonde said load-shedding had brought serious misery among households and the country’s economy.

“We as citizens no longer budget because there is nothing to budget from. Inflation and the cost of living have swallowed every coin from ordinary Zambians. We now live by the day, not knowing what is coming tomorrow. Life has become unbearable in Zambia,” he said. “Parents have been stuck with salaries that have never seen any increment in the last five or so years, increased unemployment levels, unpaid terminal benefits for retirees, ever rising tuition fees for all sectors of education, domestic bills, name it. All these fall back on poor Zambians. How can we budget on K2,000? And it is sheer lucky if you get it on time.”

Fr Luonde said people have suffered enough, so it is time the government ended load-shedding.
“Everywhere one looks one is met with misery and poverty. Charcoal has to come in too because of this load-shedding. We have suffered and endured misery in this country,” said Fr Luonde.

“If we showed seriousness on how we run our country, load-shedding could not be with us today. Zambia is gifted with so much water resource by the heavens, a gift we are misusing by not serving the masses. Save us from the talk of load-shedding and when it will end.”

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