I’VE NO GRUDGE AGAINST RUPIAH…what happened is in the past, it’s history- Nevers

I HAVE no grudge against Rupiah Banda, says Nevers Mumba.

And Mumba has vowed the MMD will fight the electoral process until it is cleaned up.

Responding to journalists’ questions shortly after officiating at the MMD Central Province mobilisation crusade launch in Kabwe on Thursday, Mumba said his relationship with former Republican president Banda is “still superb.”

He explained that the fact Banda appeared to have backed the Felix Mutati-led faction during the court battles that might have caused divisions in the former ruling party did not mean that they would remain enemies.

He said there were no permanent enemies in politics because the spirit of comradeship should be embraced.

“I am still in good books with Rupiah Banda. Our relationship is still superb. I still enjoy a good relationship with him. We are in talking terms. I have no grudge against my elder brother Rupiah Banda. What happened is in the past, it’s history. And in life you need to forgive and forget,” said Mumba.

He noted that the MMD lost power in 2011 because the former ruling party’s leadership that time became arrogant.

“I want you to have a fighting spirit…fight the electoral process. We cannot go to the [general] elections until this process is cleaned up. Just keep on fighting. Fighting a good fight for a noble cause,” Mumba, a former Republican vice-president and the country’s high commissioner to Canada, said. “If you have a passion to win, you will score; you will win. Without a goal, you cannot score. And your political antics might just go to waste.”

Mumba said he wanted to transition the MMD general membership from a losing mind-set to a winning one.

“And my job as leader of a political party is leadership transition of the MMD. This is because if you don’t transition now, you will create problems in this political organisation. I want the MMD general membership to transition from a losing mind-set to a winning mind-set,” he said. “This is the vision I hold for this political organisation today. I am in politics because I have a vision. So join me in this vision. join me in this faith.”

Mumba said the MMD lost power in 2011 because the former ruling party’s leadership that time became arrogant.

He said his leadership style would always be anchored on morality, integrity and transparency.

“In the 20 years that we stayed in power, we revolutionised the country. We ensured that we have a liberal market and we liberated the media. Zambia has never been the same since the MMD entered the country’s political space. We laid a strong foundation democratically, though it is shrinking under the current regime of PF. We lost elections in 2011 because we became arrogant,” he said. “But I can assure you that you never see arrogance in my leadership. My leadership style will always be anchored on morality, integrity and transparency.”

Mumba said he wanted to institutionalise the ‘New Hope’ MMD.

He said he was determined to ensure the MMD regains its respect as a political organisation that is committed to ensuring democracy continues to thrive in Zambia.

“I want the MMD to regain its respect as a political party that founded multiparty democracy in this country and as a party that is interested in ensuring democracy continues to flourish in the country,” Mumba said. “And I also want to tell you that I want to build an MMD headquarters that is digitalised because we are in the digital world. That’s’ my vision.”

Mumba further implored party officials to sacrifice their time and resources to guarantee sustainability of the MMD.

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