Senior PF members illegally issuing NRCs to foreigners, alleges Andrew

ANDREW Banda has warned that one day Zambia will have a foreigner as president because of the current desperation of issuing voters’ cards and National Registration Cards to foreigners.

Andrew says foreigners who register as voters should not come and attempt to vote in Zambia.

He said there were a lot of implications of issuing voters’ cards and NRCs to foreigners.

“One day Zambians will remember me. We’ll have a foreigner as president in this country because once these voters’ cards and NRCs are issued to a Malawian or Mozambican, they will claim to be Zambians and they can qualify to be residents of this country. Once we are going to have a foreigner as president it will be a disaster,” he said. “What baffles, here is a legitimate government getting involved in illegality of issuing NRCs to Malawians and Mozambicans. This is happening, we know very well. It is happening on the frontier with Lundazi in areas like chief Mwase’s area, it is happening in areas like Chipangali, Sindemisale, in Vubwi, in Chadiza and District Commissioners and senior members of the PF are involved in this scam.”

Andrew wondered why Eastern Province had more registered numbers than ever before.

“Since four or five elections that have passed, Eastern Province has always come number four. Copperbelt registers the highest number of voters which is over a million voters, then Lusaka with between 800,000 and 900,000. Then comes Southern Province with 800,000 or 700,000. Then always Eastern Province comes fourth, then the rest of the provinces,” he said. “Then how come in the history of this country, there are more voters in this province than Southern Province and other provinces that are below? The reason lies in the issuance of NRCs to foreigners from Malawi and Mozambique. This is desperate so that they have an in-built majority. Now I want to say this; it is obviously an act of desperation. Of late there has been a lot of visitation from the top leadership of the government, the top leadership of the PF, the top leadership of even the ECZ and district commissioners going round this province actually getting involved in these illegalities.”

Andrew said one day some people would pay for the crimes that they were committing.

“One day, some people will pay for this and the people they give NRCs and voters’ cards will be witnesses against them. I want to warn all those foreigners from Malawi and Mozambique that if they are caught, they shouldn’t complain about the action that will be taken against them because we are going to institute citizen’s arrest on those foreigners that will be caught and those that will be aiding them and we’ll ensure that they face the wrath of the law,” he said.

Andrew said Zambians have never interfered in the elections of other countries.

“I challenge the PF to deny that they are using their officials to register foreigners,” he said.

Andrew said he was aware that traditional leaders were receiving a lot of gifts from government officials frequenting the province.

“This money should be used to improve education facilities in the country, improve feeder roads, health services and many other things but it is used to buy chiefs. Even those chiefs should watch themselves if they love their subjects,” he said. “They should not get involved in these illegalities because posterity will judge them harshly, Zambians will also judge them harshly. We know the money they are getting and the vehicles they are getting. Zambians are very annoyed with PF because everything has collapsed. No matter what they do, Zambians will not vote for PF.”

Andrew appealed to the Malawian and Mozambican embassies in the country to ensure their citizens do not interfere in Zambia’s internal affairs.

“On the of registering of Malawians and Mozambicans, I wish again, through the Malawi High Commission, to take serious interest on the illegal registration of their nationals in Zambia and they are duty bound to stop them from illegal matters which border on internal and external security,” Andrew said. “Knowing Malawians as well as I do, they can never allow a Zambian to be issued with their identify card, a voter’s card and to vote in their own country. Malawians are very strict when it comes to issues of law and above all security.”

Andrew said what is happening in Zambia, allowing foreigners to illegally participate in the electoral process, has never been done in the history of the country.

“But what is sad is that those in government are the ones sponsoring these uncouth operations with impunity using public funds. Where has the money come from all of a sudden when our country is bankrupt and we are failing to provide social services and we are failing to pay debts?” Andrew asked.

He warned chiefs who were receiving gifts such state of the art automobiles and huge sums of money that posterity would judge them harshly.

“Even if one chief gets an expensive automobile, do his subjects ride in the same? What about other chiefs, indunas and headmen? This nonsense is a serious scam, which Zambians must stop by voting this government out once and for all in 2021,” said Andrew. “Issuance of NRC is going on here at Kaponga School, Chaboli Ward in Chasefu district supervised by…They are getting people from Malawi using ward committee, PF members. Vehicles used in the exercise are GRZ…, GRZ…CM and a…Prisons truck. They will be here for 10 days. There is also ECZ. They are making sure people get the two documents (NRC and voter’s card) at once.”

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