We get money directly from State House, says PF Msanzala aspirant

[By Richard Luo in Lusangazi]

THOSE that will come ask them what they have done for you! Ise gulu yathu ndalama ticosa straight ku State House, claimed a PF Msanzala aspirant has said.

Joseph Banda, who is seeking to unseat Msanzala PF member of parliament Peter Daka, urged the electorates to chase UPND members out of the area using dogs.

He was addressing residents of Salazani village on Monday after commissioning a borehole he rehabilitated for them.

Banda said if not him, no one could deliver development to Lusangazi district because he gets money directly from State House.

“Those that will come ask them what they have done for you! Ise gulu yathu ndalama ticosa straight ku (for our group, we get money straight from) State House,” Banda claimed.

He asked the electorates never to entertain UPND in their areas as they can never deliver development to them.

Banda claimed that only President Edgar Lungu delivers development.

He advised people to keep dogs to be used to chase UPND when they visit their villages.

“This time come 2021, people should see good fruits out of us. We want to respond urgently to your request. Next year no one will contest, we should go and vote for Edgar Chagwa Lungu as President and your MP it will be me, Joseph, no one else,” he said.

Banda asked people never to listen to UPND members or leaders because they were liars who deserve to be chased from the villages.

“No one can bring development to Eastern Province. Ba UPND they come and lie, let’s ensure that next year we prepare dogs to chase UPND out of our areas. Chase them with dogs. We don’t want UPND in Lusangazi. Here, this time, it’s wako ni wako! Our friends the Tongas know how to vote and what can stop us from practicing wako ni wako? A headman cingakukangeni kukamba kuti Edgar Lungu niwakuno? A Edgar Lungu nibapamunzi pa camambumbu apa! Mufuna akayende kuti? Mufuna akankhale president kuti (headmen, will you find it difficult to say Edgar Lungu comes from this village, where else do you want him to become president?)” Banda asked. “We don’t want Hakainde Hichilema here, chase them, the party we want here is PF. There is no development of a clinic or school that will come from Hakainde, the clinic will come from Edgar Lungu. I can assure you the clinic you want at the end of this month it will be here.”

He urged people to go and register as voters and cast a vote for President Lungu in 2021.

However, Banda said it hurts him to see that people still live as if they were still under colonial governance just because leaders were not available to take up their problems.

Banda, who says he is a lawyer, said it would be of value if President Lungu governs even up to 2095 due to the developments he had delivered countrywide.

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