PF know they have failed but can’t admit it –MDC official

EASTERN Province Movement for Democratic Change chairperson Jacob Mwanza says the Patriotic Front government is aware that it has failed and things are not ok with them.

In an interview, Mwanza said the year 2020 was very challenging, fearful, frustrating and disappointing because a lot of things did not go well.

“The year 2020 was very challenging, fearful, frustrating and disappointing too because a lot of things didn’t go well such as gassing which up to now there is no feedback to the public from the government, coronavirus which brought a lot of economic activities to a stand still…” he said.

“People are very much eager to go and vote in 2021 starting with young ones to old; all registered and are ready to vote for their preferred candidates and my appeal is that those that are going to lose, let them accept defeat because whoever will win will be president for all Zambians,” Mwanza said.

He said the ground does not seem to be well for the Patriotic Front and what the ruling party was doing currently was try to strengthen itself that things are ok.

“They pretend that things are well but deep down their hearts, they know things are not well for them but they can’t accept. A coward will never say I am defeated or I have surrendered; they would always put up a face, they would always put up a favour to say me I am what and what…” Mwanza said.

He said PF members and officials were able to dish out monies but when challenged on development, they say government has no money.

He gave as examples the failed works on the Vubwi road, Chipata to Chadiza road, Katete to Chadiza road and other roads the PF had failed to fulfill.

He said despite President Edgar Lungu coming from Eastern Province, people in the region were very frustrated to see how development had failed under his leadership.

“It’s really frustrating, especially for us in Eastern Province because we have not seen all the promises we were told in 2016 and due to its failures, people say ba PF vote sazaiwona (PF will not see the vote); even those on internship, those youths who received funds just now they say vote sazaiwona,” added.

Mwanza, who once served as MMD chairperson for Eastern Province and once served as district commissioner for Petauke said, the MDC would critically look at the Zambian constitution and ensure that a person who stands as president has merit at various fronts to ensure that the nation has a credible leader.

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