PF should be pronounced dead on August 12, says Ngoma

UPND member of the central committee in charge of agriculture and nutrition Levy Ngoma has asked Zambians to consider voting for UPND under Hakainde Hichilema in August.

In an interview, Ngoma said Zambians should not continue with a murderous leadership that has offered them bloodshed.

He likened the PF to a serpent that needs to be politically killed through the ballot box to avenge for all the lives it has claimed under its bad leadership.

“Patriotic Front should be pronounced dead in the political circles. Patriotic Front party should be killed through the ballot box, politically and not physically,” he stated.

He said Zambia had been turned into a gambling nation because gambling starts from the top leadership.

“Ever since PF took over power, this nation has been turned into a drunk nation, this nation has been turned into cadreism, where cadres are more powerful than anyone. Zambia has become a gambling nation because everywhere you go, you find young men, old men and women doing Bolabet. Gambling has become the order of the day because on top, gambling is the order of the day…right up. Now Zambia is a laughing stock to the international community because it has failed to give hope to its citizens,” Ngoma, a former Sinda FDD and later MMD member of parliament, said.

Ngoma urged Zambians to vote for the UPND if they have felt the pinch under PF government.

He said like the Chewa proverb that to ascertain whether a man is impotent, let a woman undress in front of him, the UPND leadership should be tried and tested by giving it chance to rule.

“Think of us positively as you head to the booth on 12th August. The message of change is everywhere and very clear to which even civil servants are saying they are tired of the Patriotic Front under Edgar Lungu, the clergy say they are tired with Patriotic Front under Edgar Lungu, royal establishments are saying they are tired of the Patriotic Front under Edgar Lungu, common person, marketeers, street vendors, they all say they are tired of the Patriotic Front government under one Edgar Lungu. Utsutsa ngomwa nuivulira. Try us, give us the mandate come 12th August this year 2021,” Ngoma said.

On the firing of former health minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya, Ngoma said the procurement of defective drugs and condoms was a murderous activity by the Patriotic Front government.

He said out of that “single senseless act”, a lot of citizens have been sent to early graves by contracting HIV/AIDS and other sexual transmitted diseases.

“That is murderous activity by the Patriotic Front, it’s a crime against humanity of huge proportion. We know the Patriotic Front has been murdering people using various means…even by using the police to shoot people using live ammunition. In this time and age, the message has been telling people to abstain or condomise so that people don’t contract sexually transmitted diseases, including incurable HIV. Imagine how many have been sent to early graves! How many people’s lives have been cut short from that single act which is a crime against humanity here in Zambia?” Ngoma asked.

He said blood was dripping from President Lungu’s hands and trickling down to party officials.

“On the hands of Patriotic Front and its leadership, it’s blood all over, blood all over President Edgar Lungu, blood all over former health minister, blood all over those in the procuring department in the Ministry of Health…” he said.

He said firing Chitalu was a tip of a solution but the huge chunk was left untouched

“And that’s the one people of Zambia should fire using a ballot box,” he said.

“Nsomba powola iyambila kumutu. Tsono mutu wa cinjoka cimeneci ca Patriotic Front ndani (a fish begins rotting from the head. So who is the head of this serpent of PF)? We have to cut the head of the serpent and we know who the head is, leaving the head uncut, believe you me, the tail will grow. Chitalu might not be there today but the head is capable of reproducing itself.”

Ngoma boasted that in UPND there was no corruption as they believe in hard work and equity in development distribution.

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