Let’s join Mufulira to remove PF out of govt – NDC

LUSAKA Province NDC chairman Kennedy Siyanda says the people of Mufulira have sent a strong signal to the nation that it is time for the PF to prepare for exit on August 12.

Siyinda was commenting on a recent incident in Mufulira where residents apparently shunned welcoming President Edgar Lungu in the mining town.

“Fellow citizens, let us join the people of Mufulira to beat the PF out of government because they have lamentably failed to look after our interests. Let us join hands to ‘just beat it.’ We have warned you,” Siyanda said in a statement.

He said the NDC was not surprised with the ‘negative reaction’ towards President Lungu by the residents of Mufulira because that was bound to happen.

Siyanda said the NDC had taken time to comment on the subject because they were still analysing the political ramification of the ‘rejection’, especially it happening eight months before the presidential and general elections.

He said the NDC was aware that President Lungu went to inspect the road works on the Mufulira-Ndola road.

Siyanda noted that the PF propaganda machinery did not show the nation any photographs of residents escorting the Head of State on “this important mission as they usually do”.

“This time, social media was awash with photos of only a small number of people hanging around Shinde Stadium where the presidential helicopter landed,” he said. “Social media was also awash with uncollected Chitenge materials that the PF desperately tried to entice the public with. In the last two years, we have been advising the PF to lead the country in an exemplary manner but they ignored our advice.”

Siyanda recalled that the NDC advised the general public to stop being cheated with handouts of money, Chitenge materials, mealie-meal, sugar, cooking oil and other goodies by the PF during elections.

He said the response by the Mufulira residents suggested that they took the NDC advice.

Siyanda noted that citizens had now opened their eyes and realised that the PF was full of ‘smooth criminals’ using sweet language but no action.

“Although Mufulira has been voting for the PF in the past, this time the general public has felt the pain of the poor economic policies. The people of Mufulira are equally affected with the high levels of unemployment, high cost of living, load-shedding and several unfulfilled empty promises from the PF rank and file,” said Siyinda.

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