WfC urges parties to adopt as many women candidates

WOMEN for Change executive director Lumba Siyanga has urged all political parties that will contest this year’s general elections to consider adopting as many women as possible.

Siyanga said women when given a chance were able to deliver and push the development agenda of the country.

“A country that leaves out women in key leadership positions would not develop because it would mean that 51 per cent of girls and women are left behind,” she said.

Siyanga advised women that want to stand as candidates on various levels to start getting on the ground and make their intentions known.

She said they needed to get busy and known that they were able to represent the people in a proper manner.

Siyanga observed that most women were in a habit of giving up when not adopted, a situation she said should by all means be discouraged.

She said there was no need for one to belong to a political party for them to be adopted stressing that they can even stand as independent as long as they were well established on the ground of their respective communities.

Siyanga also urged the citizens to encourage and vote for women that they feel would work for them and represent them well.

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