LUNGU IS STUBBORN…but people have made up their mind – Mambo

IT’S not too late to redeem Zambia, says Chikondi Foundation president Bishop John Mambo.

Bishop Mambo says President Edgar Lungu can be arrogant as people are struggling for survival but the “will of God will surpass it”.

On Tuesday, President Lungu told chiefs that he had heard that some traditional leaders in Muchinga Province had vowed not to vote for him because he had not done anything in the area.

President Lungu said although the situation was regrettable, he would still win.

But Bishop Mambo said President Lungu’s stubbornness would not stop the desire of Zambians in the August poll.

“You can bring people to fix an election at a great cost when the country is struggling but once people have made up their mind, the will of God supersedes. You can assassinate some of us but that is not the will of God,” he said. “The important thing is that we all need to go and vote and that the winner should carry the day. The inauguration of American President Joe Biden shows that if people have made up their mind, the stubbornness and riches of this world cannot help.”

He regretted that most of the clergy who could speak for the people had become agents of politicians.

“We are a Christian nation but speeches and our daily doings are very ungodly. And the men and women of God are in the forefront because they have been taken over by the brown envelope. Painful it should be but we need to redeem our nation by bringing sanity,” Bishop Mambo said. “It is not too late. Elect people with integrity who will use people’s resources to empower the people, not to empower individual persons.”

He wondered where President Lungu got his arrogance from to tell off chiefs.

Bishop Mambo advised the Head of State to act as a servant of the people.

“I have never seen this kind of stubbornness where you would go before the chiefs and tell them that whether you like it or not, I’m not going to leave power, no man! That is dictatorship now. You are elected by the people,” he said. “[First president Kenneth] Kaunda was so powerful. It was like kumulu ni Lesa panshi KK (God reigns in heaven while KK reigns on earth). But the time came to leave power. When the people vote you out, it is God using the people. You are not going to be the first person to leave power. My elder brother Rupiah Banda respected the will of the people despite spending a lot of money on his campaign in 2011. We saw every tree dressed with regalia, sweets, underwear and many other things were branded.”

Bishop Mambo further wondered where President Lungu’s confidence was coming from.

“So, the arrogance of winning, winning, winning, you are simply saying people are stupid. But God has already reviewed what is happening. We know who is in the country to try and manipulate the elections at a great cost. That money should be used for the people of Zambia,” Bishop Mambo said.

And in reference to people that paid on behalf of the former ministers, Bishop Mambo said it was dangerous for the State to accept money from ghosts.

“Ministers, today we are told that some ghosts have paid for them who cannot be mentioned. It is dangerous for the state, because tomorrow we shall be used… to pay for evil doings. It is not good for the country if we allow such things to happen. ACC and Financial Intelligence Centre should come out and expose the ghost,” said Bishop Mambo. “These secrets will destroy us. No wonder we have seen so many riches but we don’t even know where it is coming from. It is in this country where we bought fire tenders at inflated prices, ambulances. And then you find people that have been put on payroll, they cannot act. They are watching while the top people are enjoying… It’s high time we start acting on institutions like Ant-Corruption Commission. It should be disbanded, and do away with those who have failed to work because we can’t waste so much money under their watch.”

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