PF, Lungu have neglected Scott – Chanda

KAWIMBE Chanda has urged President Edgar Lungui to face Guy Scott and apologise for neglecting the former vice-president of the country and PF.

Kawimbe, a Lusaka resident, says the amount of hatred President Lungu has shown over Dr Scott was unacceptable.

“While [Vice-President] Inonge Wina and some other senior PF officials have visited Dr Scott, Lungu has never. What kind of hatred is this? This amounts to witchcraft where you hate a person even in their sickness,” he said in a statement.

“Lungu should be ashamed of himself that he has presided over the most corrupt government in our history. I, therefore, ask him to humble himself, swallow his pride and apologise to Guy Scott. We don’t want to see or hear his hypocrisy about Scott after the man dies.”

Chanda said Dr Scott’s resistance to make President Lungu a PF candidate in 2015 was not a personal matter.

He said in fact, what Dr Scott feared about President Lungu had come to pass because the country was in reverse mode.

“When Guy tried to block Edgar from taking over the PF, he knew that Edgar and others did not mean well for this country. They wanted to plunder the country, and Dr Guy Scott became a political prophet because all his fears have come to pass,” Chanda said. “President Lungu is a destroyer who has destroyed every good thing that Michael did for this country. He has managed to kick out all genuine members of the PF and he has managed to entrench tribalism in PF. And this tribalism has shamelessly been targeted at the people of Southern Province.”

And Chanda reminded President Lungu how Dr Scott and late president Sata suffered to build the PF.

He said most of the current leaders in the ruling party were not there when it mattered most.

“Guy and Michael were rudely referred to as the two jokers when they traversed this country, trying to convince Zambians to believe in their dream. None of the so-called intellectuals believed in Michael and Guy until at the 11th hour when the light was becoming very bright. People who never suffered for the PF are enjoying Guy Scott’s sweat while Guy Scott has been sick for a long time, battling his illness at his farm,” he said. “None of them has shown interest in his health including Edgar Lungu. Those lavish lifestyles they’re enjoying, it’s because of Guy Scott, the millions they’re dishing out to the cadres are from Guy Scott’s sweat. The PF government and President Edgar Lungu have neglected Scott, some even wish him dead for trying to block Edgar’s presidency in 2014 after the death of president Michael Sata.”

Chanda reminded each one of those in PF that they moved from other parties to benefit from Scott and Sata’s labour.

“But let me remind them that without Guy Scott and Michael Sata’s efforts, PF would not have been in government by now. And most of you who are currently in PF leadership joined from other parties,” said Chanda.

“Edgar came from UPND, defense minister Davis Chama joined from Heritage Party, Inonge Wina came from UPND, Given Lubinda came from UPND, Nkandu Luo came from MMD, including Dora Siliya, Bowman Lusambo and some other ministers.”

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