L/stone fuel crisis worsens

FUEL crisis in the tourist capital has worsened with illegal vendors cashing in on the problem.

A survey by The Mast on Saturday and yesterday revealed that Engen Filling Station opposite New Fairmount Hotel was the only one with petrol on Saturday with queues stretching over 300 to 400 metres until the product ran out at around 14:00 hours.

Total Filling Station then received petrol and the long queues of motorists shifted to station.

Many motorists were heard passing unkind comments on the PF government and President Edgar Lungu.

One taxi driver said: “This is total failure by President Edgar Lungu. We are suffering while he is enjoying a lavish lifestyle. If he wins in August, we are dead.”

On Sunday morning only Total still had petrol while Engen, Mt Meru, Puma, Oryx and Kobil did not have supplies.

And illegal fuel vendors have since taken advantage of the situation by selling a-five litre container of petrol for about K150 to K160 instead of about K80

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