Economy can only grow when Zambian businesses, entrepreneurs involved – Silumbe

THE Leadership Movement says it will focus on ensuring that Zambian entrepreneurs are given tax breaks to nurture future investors.

Party president Richard Silumbe said it was important that all Zambian businesses and marketeers have these holidays so that they could have ample time to grow bigger and better.

Dr Silumbe said foreign investors were not helping develop the country as they make profits but externalise it to their countries of origin.

“We have seen how these foreign investors have disappointed as they end up selling their companies after giving them tax breaks and holidays,” he said.

Dr Silumbe further noted that most foreign investors were not in the country to help the economy grow but to take whatever profit they make back to their homes.

He said it was time to change the approach and stop taking things casually if the country was to make progress.

Dr Silumbe said the economy could only grow when the Zambian businesses and entrepreneurs were involved.

He said the country had continued experiencing high unemployment levels and the economy had continued going down despite mushrooming shopping malls.

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