Chililabombwe UPND urges unity among members

CONFUSION has rocked the opposition UPND in Chililabombwe on the Copperbelt over parliamentary adoptions.

This follows the joining of former Chililabombwe mayor Paul Kabuswe to the opposition party.

Kabuswe is a well-known figure in the border town and he is a threat to both PF member of parliament Richard Musukwa and other aspiring candidates.

However, some UPND members feel Kabuswe has already been favoured by the party to be adopted as its parliamentary candidate.

But UPND Chililabombwe district chairman Timothy Musonda said there was no confusion in the party at the district level.

“I would like to put the record straight concerning stories going round in UPND Chililabombwe district. The author of the document in circulation is a disgruntled cadre who is against the principles and values of growing our party. At no time did the author of the said write-up get blessings from me the chairman of Chililabombwe to write and circulate such a document. The Copperbelt provincial chairman has never ever imposed Mr Paul Kabuswe as member of parliament for Chililabombwe. Mr Kabuswe has just come to join UPND as an ordinary member. Politics is about numbers and we need these numbers to win August 2021 general elections,” said Musonda, who further urged party members to remain united and focused.

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