Beauty and Ugliness

The concepts of “beauty” and “ugliness” are consciously or otherwise adopted by each and every individual from the enduring and shared views and perceptions of members of a society in which he or she is raised. They are not born out of the innate or spontaneous attributes of human nature because, as studies of child precocity and personality development have concluded, all humans are born with a blank slate of mind -a mind that is devoid of the concepts or constructs of “beauty” and “ugliness”, and a mind that does not initially reflect the values, attitudes and behaviours we all tend to ultimately exhibit.

And, realistically, there is also nothing wrong or right about the skin colour of any given individual or group of individuals.

Conclusion? We all need to conceive of ourselves and others as simply being “different” rather than being “ugly” or having a particular “skin colour”, for example, each one having unique physical, genetic and psychological make-ups. In this regard, we all need to express ourselves in the following ways: “I am different,” or “I am unique” or “there is no other person in the entire world who is exactly like me.”

Prof. Henry Kyambalesa
Denver, Colorado, USA

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