PF Govt has failed to deliver the promise to work on bad rural roads – Phiri

MKAIKA MMD member of parliament Peter Phiri says President Edgar Lungu has done more than previous presidents within 10 years.

However, Phiri said the government has failed to deliver the promise to work on bad roads in rural areas.

In an interview, Phiri, who intends to contest the August election on the Patriotic Front ticket, described President Lungu as a leader with a vision to change the face of Zambia.
Phiri narrated that the 27 years of UNIP and 20 years of MMD cannot be compared to what PF had done in 10 years.

“I have trust in our President Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu. We have seen governments come and go and what they did. UNIP 27 years, MMD 20 years, if you count, PF came in 2011 to this year 2021 almost 10 years but if you compare development, President Edgar Lungu has done a lot in these few years. It’s half the years MMD ruled. Anyway President Edgar Lungu has really worked for this country,” he said.

“I think President Edgar Lungu has a vision to change the face of Zambia because if you compare what PF has done in 10 years to 20 years of MMD, PF has done a lot. Look at the way Lusaka has been transformed! Bad roads are only in rural areas and if the government can work on that in rural areas then even those who speak ill of it will be silenced.”

But Phiri said that the bad road network had negatively affected members of parliament because people in villages look at them as the engineer of every development they need.

He said he was confident that once he represents the people under the ruling party, all those programmes not achieved would be done because the party in power would continue to help the area just as it had been doing on other projects.

“August election does not shake me in anyway because this time around I will change goal posts. I will shift and try to stand on the ruling party. I will not stand on MMD as you know that we were expelled from MMD and the party has gone down. We can’t concentrate on that party. I will contest on the Patriotic Front and I know when I join PF, all these things I haven’t done I will be helped because when you are in opposition, you are considered last,” Phiri explained.

He said in Africa, one who belongs to the opposition is not considered with urgency by the government.

He also said the presence of aspirants in the constituency does not bother him because he knew he had delivered and people want him to continue.

He cited some of the developments as Katete fruit processing plant which was at 80 per cent complete, Mini hospital, Kafunkha Day Secondary School, market shelters, among developments he facilitated.

He said a lot of aspirants had started withdrawing because their aim was at bill 10 which collapsed and their hope was gone.

He expressed confidence to win in the August election.

Phiri also noted that people had hope in him because he lives with them and he attends to their problems.

“As for me, I stay with them and we face problems together, so I see no reason why they should not vote for me unless they want to experience other things they haven’t experienced. People want someone who will be with the people in good and bad moments just like I have been doing; not these that come only during elections and I know people will not do anything like voting me out but to vote me in because of massive programmes I have done for them,” Phiri said.

He boasted that he has created a good bond with the people and they feel comfortable and proud of him.

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