There’s no doubt we are winning the August election – Katete PF

[By Richard Luo in Katete]

KATETE PF chairperson Mosses Phiri has expressed confidence that his party will retain government in this August’s elections.

In an interview, Phiri said Zambians were hopeful in the Patriotic Front government and their desire was to maintain it.

He agreed that the current government had not achieved everything but had delivered on many promises it made to the people such as mini hospital in Katete, piped water, early delivery of farming inputs, construction of schools, among other developments.

“There is no doubt that we are winning the August election. If you look at the massive development taking place, of course, we have not done better in all areas but I can confirm that in most areas, we have made it as a party,” he said.

He said in Katete people were happy with the government in power.

“I think people are really happy with our government because here in Katete we have a mini hospital which is almost done, here we have a dam and people are drinking piped water, early delivery of farming inputs. Talking about schools, we have built many…” he added.

On the results for recent council chairperson by-election in Vubwi where PF won with a small margin against UPND, Phiri said the results were an eye-opener for the ruling party to work extra hard to win the August election with a landslide.

“I don’t see Vubwi results as a threat but I see it as an eye-opener to us to work hard in areas where we are not doing fine,” Phiri said.

He called on Zambians to remain hopeful in the leadership of President Edgar Lungu.

He called on PF members to remain focused and disciplined.

“Zambian people should keep the faith in our President. He is a God-fearing man and he walks the talk as he fits being retained as the President after the August election,” he said.

President Lungu has been elected twice and is not eligible to contest elections a third time.

And Phiri said the district committee had lifted the suspension slapped on district youth chairperson Luka Ndlobvu on September 29, 2020.

Phiri said the essence of suspension is for a member to become a better person.

The party suspended Ndlobvu together with district secretary Bernard Mvula who fought at the party office.

“We have lifted the suspension of our youth chairman. You are aware we suspended two of them but it’s like the youth chairperson responded to the medicine so well. The essence of suspension is for a member to become a better person and as we go towards August, we need a disciplined youths wing…” Phiri said.

He also claimed that many people that had left the ruling party had responded to the secretary general Davies Mwila’s call on them to return.

And Ndlobvu thanked the party in the district for lifting his suspension.

He urged youths and the party at large to hit the ground hard to protect the presidency of Lungu in the August election.

“Let’s work together as a party. Let’s hit the ground, we should keep the ground running, especially now that we shall be having the general elections in 5 months’ time. We have a huge task ahead of us. We need to protect our President so that he remains at State House,” he said.

Ndlobvu was displeased with Vubwi council chairperson results saying they are not very impressive.

He said the party in Eastern Province should work extra hard.

“We need to work hard because the difference was very minimal about 1000 so that was not good results to us as a party. We need to work hard to gather more votes,” said Ndlovu.

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