Tetamashimba urges UPND to prioritise female candidates in NMC

[By Rackson Shamutuku]

UPND North Western Province vice mobilisation chairlady Naomi Tetamashimba has appealed to all delegates at the party general assembly slated for tomorrow to prioritise female candidates during the election of members of the highest organ of the party.

Tetamashimba emphasized on the need to elect credible leaders to the NMC that would ensure that UPND and its president Hakainde Hichilema’s message of Hope reaches the grassroots.

“There is need for significant women representation in our national management committee because women are the most formidable mobilisational force in the current politics globally,” Tetamashimba said.

She said UPND being a democratic party that also recognises gender must ensure that women are prioritised during the NMC elections.

However, Tetamashimba said the active participation of women at national level on equal terms with men in decision-making and political involvement was essential to the achievement of equality, sustainable development and democracy.

She further said that electing more women to the NMC would help the party to advance gender equality and democracy.

“In this general assembly, I’m expecting the party to achieve not less than 30 per cent of women in the NMC,” said Tetamashimba.

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