We wholeheartedly accept Fr Lupupa’s apology, says Kamba

THE PF says it has also accepted Matero Catholic Parish priest Lastone Lupupa’s apology, just as Socialist Party leader Fred M’membe is asking people to do.

Delivering his sermon two weeks ago, Fr Lupupa told congregants that if those in the opposition continued to threaten current government leaders with convictions for various crimes, then it would be better to rig elections so that they do not take over.

His message annoyed various stakeholders, resulting in the Catholic leadership putting him to task.

The priest later apologised through a recorded video that he posted on his Facebook page.

Other stakeholders are still finding it hard to accept his apology, especially that he said those offensive words at the pulpit.

But on Wednesday, Dr M’membe called for the priest to be forgiven.

And Lusaka Province PF secretary Kennedy Kamba said Fr Lupupa was bound to make mistakes as a human being.

“We have been reflecting on the words of the Socialist Party president Fred M’membe who has been quoted by one of the tabloids (The Mast) saying we must accept Fr Lupupa’s apology. In our journey through life, we all make mistakes because we are nothing but fallible human beings before our maker, the Almighty God,” he said in a statement.

‘’Fr Lupupa is not an exception. His apology must be accepted. Those insulting Fr Lupupa are not better human beings. Yes, Fr Lupupa made a mistake because Zambia is a democracy and nobody should ever claim or speak the language of possible rigging by anybody. We wholeheartedly accept Fr Lupupa’s apology but the leader of the UPND and their entire party cannot be trusted and that’s why Zambians have so far rejected them five times and they will suffer a sixth defeat come August.’’

Kamba accused the opposition UPND of being treacherous in their dealings, saying they could not be trusted by voters.

‘’Inasmuch as we condemn Fr Lupupa’s remarks and consequently accept the apology, it does not take away the fact that UPND and its leader Hakainde Hichilema are evil in their conduct, their dealings in and outside the country and they will never be trusted by Zambians,’’ said Kamba.

‘’We want to condemn in the strongest terms, the insults, the threats, the abuse Fr Lupupa has suffered at the hands of the UPND. The clergyman should not be subjected to such kind of abuse and humiliation. It is shameful, a curse on the perpetrators and extremely unacceptable in a cultured society like ours.’’

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