Let women lead – Mutolo

LET women lead the governance agenda for once, says PF Lubansenshi parliamentary aspirant Mutolo Mwamba.

Mwamba says that leadership comes from God.

“So when the calling comes, please respond to the affirmative. I also believe that it is almost criminal for a woman to deprive their country of a good leadership wrapped with natural motherly love that women possess. So, let women lead the governance agenda for once,” she says.

She says Lubansenshi Constituency in Luwingu district has never had a female parliamentarian.

“I am confident that given that opportunity, the district will for the first time have a female figure that will aggressively embrace inclusive leadership and lobby for the much needed development in the district,” she says.

“That is already being done as I have already lobbied for various projects that I am currently undertaking such as improving infrastructure, empowerment of youths and assisting in taking care of our vulnerable children in communities,” she says.

Mwamba says she was born in Kitwe 41 years ago to the late Lovewell Chilufya Mwamba and Charity Lengwe Shimulopwe Mwamba.

“I am the second born in a family of six. I have one elder brother, three younger sisters and a younger brother. I have three beautiful children who are my pride – Chisha, David and Mutolo,” she says.

She says she started grade one in Luwingu at Tolopa Primary School before being enrolled at Woodlands B, Chilenje South Primary School and completed her primary education at Southend Primary School in Lusaka.

“I went on to Kabulonga Girls Secondary School where I did my grade 8 -12 and qualified to go to the University of Zambia where I managed to obtain a Degree with Credit in Mass Communication,” she says.

Mwamba implored the people of Luwingu to consider her for election because she is passionate about the plight of the people in her native home.

“Life teaches us to always remember where you’re coming from. So as young, educated, yet selfless daughter of the land, I am best placed to introduce community led initiatives to ensure sustainable development in Luwingu. As you may know, Luwingu is endowed with huge potential for agriculture, fishing, forestry, sports talent etc that merely lack experienced native leadership to blossom. So I offer my expertise to facilitate rewriting of the political, social and economic narrative of Luwingu,” she says.

She says it is important to have women in decision-making positions as the concept of development is multifaceted and hinges strongly on the pillars of inclusiveness and equity.

“Particularly for women (and youths) who culturally may be sidelined, it is important that they are given a platform in decision making positions to which they qualify to enable them present, defend and support causes directly affecting their plight,” she says.

Mwamba says that is not to say everything should be shared equally even when women do not qualify, but that opportunity should be availed equally in all context without a bias towards one gender.

“At high levels, indices on good governance in many respects also favour women, who coincidentally are in the majority population-wise,” she says.

And Mwamba says cyber bullying has become the order of the day in politics today, especially to female candidates who are unfortunately, in most cases, undressed for no apparent reason.

She however says maturity should be exercised.

“I for one do not subscribe to character assassination because all of us have been victims of so many things, good and bad. I would rather we all focus on the bigger picture which is our deliverables to the people we want to represent. I am therefore encouraging all female aspiring candidates to be firm and focused and not to be swayed by people attacking their personalities. I follow Dora Siliya and Margaret Mwanakatwe a lot to a point of one time l went on a tour of Petauke Constituency to appreciate her work. These ladies are among strong women of influence with strong characters. I give them kudos,” says Mwamba.

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