Lungu incomparable, says Kamba

THE PF says President Edgar Lungu cannot be compared to any former president.

Recently, NDC national chairperson Richard Luonde told The Mast that former president Rupiah Banda is far much better than President Lungu.

In his reflection on the qualities of the two leaders, Fr Luonde said it would be unfair for Banda if anyone compared him to President Lungu.

He said if the two were to compete in an election, President Lungu would lose miserably.

“Comparing the presidency of Rupiah Banda and the presidency of Edgar Lungu, Rupiah Banda was definitely a better leader. We thought we had a bad president in Rupiah Banda until we got the worst in President Edgar Lungu. With all his weaknesses, Rupiah Banda had economic focus and is definitely better than Edgar Lungu,” said Fr Luonde. “And if they were to compete for the presidency just the two of them on the 12th of August 2021, Rupiah Banda could win with a landslide. Rupiah Banda lost the 2011 election to Michael Chilufya Sata because he competed against a strong politician with a heart for the poor. Sata was genuinely development oriented, and not corrupt. I say this because Rupiah’s presidency left the kwacha stronger than it is today. The cost of living was a hundredfold better than now. We were managing to have a cup of tea with bread. Cooking oil, sugar, mealie-meal and most essentials, including school fees were reasonably affordable.”

But Lusaka Province PF secretary Kennedy Kamba has disagreed with Fr Luonde, describing the NDC leader as a frustrated politician.

Kamba said President Lungu had brought development that could not be compared with any of his predecessors.

“President Lungu is incomparable. Former president Rupiah Banda did his part for this country and he should not be dragged in politics anymore. The man should be allowed to rest, recuperate and enjoy his retirement,” he said in a statement. “The levels of development that President Lungu has brought to this country is incomparable and unprecedented. Look at the infrastructure development across the country, look at the transformed health and education system, look at how our airport and new hospitals plus schools are looking.”

He said it was therefore unfair that Fr Luonde could call the PF and President Edgar Lungu all sorts of names and insults.

“One cannot doubt President Lungu’s capabilities. Only the bitter, frustrated souls like Luonde are making useless attempts to discredit a hard-working President Lungu. We, therefore, find it extremely appalling and highly provocative that Richard Luode has continued to call the PF and President Edgar Lungu all sorts of names and insults,” said Kamba. “We know that these are irrational attempts by frustrated politicians like Luonde, to try and discredit President Lungu ahead of this year’s general elections. It is lack of reasoning, refusal to face reality or both, that Richard Luonde, the ex- Anglican priest is today claiming that former president Rupiah Banda was a far much better President than President Lungu. We know very well that Fr Luonde is just trying to be highly provocative in his attempts to discredit the PF. Fr Luonde is just a frustrated soul, a bitter failed politician who wants to take advantage of innocent unsuspecting citizens and mislead them.”

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