WE’RE DONE WITH LUNGU…he stands for nothing but his political interests, agenda – Sejani

ACKSON Sejani says the nation is done with President Edgar Lungu because he has nothing more to offer.

On Friday, President Lungu delivered his annual address to parliament on progress made on promoting national values and principles.

President Lungu said the PF has delivered on most of the things it had promised.

But Sejani, a local government minister in the Frederick Chiluba administration, said no one expected anything good from the Head of State.

“So, in reality let Mr Lungu preach about morality, values and principles to the gullible. Let him preach to those who are still expecting something good to come out of him,” he said. “To many of us we are through and done with Mr Lungu because we know he stands for nothing other than that which furthers his political interests and agenda.”

He questioned President Lungu’s morals and principles, saying these have never existed even in the PF.

“Come to think of it, what does Mr Lungu really stand for? What does he and his party believe in? What are their morals, values and principles?” Sejani asked. “Observing PF leaders in speech and action leads one to conclude that this bunch of leaders has no morals, no beliefs, no values and no principles whatsoever. Perhaps the only principle they have is expediency, political expediency. Everything they say or do is for political expediency only.”

Highlighting various deficiencies in President Lungu’s administration, Sejani said the speech had nothing valuable in it.

He said the address was another wasted day in the country’s national calendar.

“On Friday the 12th of February, Mr lungu went to Parliament to perform a ritual of reading a speech on the progress his government has made concerning the application of national values and principles. By the time he was concluding his address it was clear to most observers that this day had lost its value and that is if at all it had any value in the first place,” Sejani said. “The relevance of this day had eroded as fast as the so-called Day of National Prayer and Reconciliation. Thus, Zambia now has two days in her national calendar when the collective intelligence of her people is insulted by those who are supposed to govern.”

He said President Lungu could not speak about things that he was not doing.

Sejani pointed at the many unnecessary public meetings President Lungu has been holding without observing COVID-19 guidelines.

“Thus, Mr Lungu can go to Parliament and speak as if his government is concerned about the spread of COVID-19 and even observe a minute of silence in honour of those who have lost their lives due to this pandemic!” he said. “As he is performing this ritual, he has unleashed his campaigners in the field to gather people in large numbers exposing them to the virus. While his campaigners are secure in their masks the poor people are mask-less, thereby endangering their lives. That is Ok for the PF because even if those people die of COVID-19 there will be an opportunity next time for the President to go to Parliament to talk about national values and principles and in the process observe a minute of silence for those who might have died as a result of the careless and selfish activities of his campaigners.”

Sejani said everything President Lungu did was for political expedience.

He further questioned the Electoral Commission of Zambia’s silence on campaigns which PF has been carrying out the last five years.

“In actual fact this leader does not believe in a serious fight against the pandemic by exposing citizens in his illegal and premature campaign.

In the meantime, as he is busy spreading the virus through his illegal campaigns, he stops the opposition through the public order Act from doing similar things,” noted Sejani. “Furthermore, the so-called neutral and independent Electoral Commission of Zambia is pretending not to be seeing these illegal campaigns. PF has been campaigning since 2016 and they are continuing even under the pandemic. When the official campaign will commence in May the PF will have finished their campaigns and then somebody from the colluding Electoral Commission of Zambia will announce without any sense of shame that parties will not be allowed to hold public rallies in their campaigns due to the pandemic. What morality is this? Why is ECZ quiet when their partners are conducting illegal campaigns?”

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