DON’T abandon Adrian Kashala as you cruise into your second term, Keegan Chipango has advised FAZ president Andrew Kamanga.

In an interview, Chipango, a former FAZ committee member under the Kalusha Bwalya administration, said he has information that Kamanga wants to get rid of Kashala.

“My advice to the FAZ president Andrew Kamanga is not to abandon his trusted lieutenant in secretary general Adrian Kashala as he cruises to his second term. It’s an open secret that Kamanga is likely to retain his presidency,” he said. “So, my advice to him is that I have information to the effect that some people are saying if Kamanga wins he wants to get rid of Kashala and bring another secretary general.”

Chipango reminded Kamanga about Kashala’s loyalty through battles they have fought together.

“Having been close to Kamanga at one given time, I am advising him not to throw Kashala under the bus. Kashala has been loyal to him; he has taken the bullet for Kamanga. He has fought battles for Kamanga, he has lost his rank in the police because of standing for Kamanga,” said Chipango. “So, people should not cheat Kamanga to get rid of Kashala because he will leave himself vulnerable. Kamanga and Kashala should soldier on together. Kashala has proved to be loyal, he has been a trusted servant, but I know that it is not about loyalty for one to perform. But Kamanga should know that Kashala has been there for him. It will not go down well with some people if Kamanga got rid of Kashala just to please a few people.”

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