‘President Lungu is incomparable’

Kennedy Kamba says President Edgar Lungu has brought development that cannot be compared with any of his predecessors.

“President Lungu is incomparable. Former president Rupiah Banda did his part for this country and he should not be dragged in politics anymore. The man should be allowed to rest, recuperate and enjoy his retirement,” says Kamba. “The levels of development that President Lungu has brought to this country is incomparable and unprecedented. Look at the infrastructure development across the country, look at the transformed health and education system, look at how our airport and new hospitals plus schools are looking. One cannot doubt President Lungu’s capabilities. Only the bitter, frustrated souls like Fr [Richard] Luonde are making useless attempts to discredit a hard-working President Lungu. We know that these are irrational attempts by frustrated politicians like Luonde, to try and discredit President Lungu ahead of this year’s general elections. It is lack of reasoning, refusal to face reality or both, that Richard Luonde, the ex- Anglican priest is today claiming that former president Rupiah Banda was a far much better President than President Lungu. We know very well that Fr Luonde is just trying to be highly provocative in his attempts to discredit the PF.”

Kamba is right when he says Edgar is incomparable to any of his predecessors. Edgar is a president whose political strategy is scotching the earth – tyranny. Here is a President who, in trying to perpetuate his stay in power, will allow violence to continue stoking the country!

His is an administration, a leadership characterised by highly concentrated and centralised government power maintained by political repression and the exclusion of potential challengers! Where is KBF? How about Chishimba Kambwili? Whoever crosses his path, he falls on them like a tonne of bricks! He’ll do anything to sustain his political interests.

With an economy in the sink-hole, he runs a party whose ministers and cadres are dishing out money and other material things from unknown sources.

Corruption is a hallmark of his administration – and the country is yet to get over the nightmare of scandals in the Ministry of Health. On top of that he’s thrown our country into a serious external debt which we are already failing to service.

As Herbert Hoover ironically put it, “Blessed are the young, for they shall inherit the national debt.” But from all these socio-economic ills he has placed on our nation, “incomparable” Edgar has the guts to seek a third term of office!

We appreciate Kennedy’s motivation to praise his master for, even blind loyalty under this establishment and circumstances is an asset!

After all, this is a regime with no sense of shame – virtue! They’re simply captives in their own game. For as long as Edgar has opened up to corruption and they are eating, they will praise him even though they know that he is corrupt and a failure.

But soon enough none of them would want to be associated or identified with this administration.

Given the failures of his administration and the constitutional limitation, it’s in Edgar’s interest to retire.

We wish to take Edgar back into history and look at who stuck with Frederick Chiluba and Rupiah Banda after these two presidents left office. The quickest to jump ship were those who praised them the most, the same way our brother Kennedy is doing.

Chiluba started with swarms of followers on his first court appearance. By the time his court cases were concluding, he was left all alone with his wife Regina. This is what blind loyalty does – once your leader can no longer offer what you want, you ditch them.

Rupiah was equally left in the cold after he lost the 2011 general election. He too remained only with his family members because he had nothing to offer those sycophants who surrounded him. They only went back to him after he struck a deal to support Edgar in the 2015 election because they realised that he could help them get jobs in Edgar’s cabinet.

To quote Mehmet Murat ildan, “If a politician obtained a great wealth after he has been elected, his being an immoral corrupt man is not a possibility but it is a self-evident reality!”

This then, should confirm to Kennedy that Edgar is indeed incomparable, for he is the worst president in the history of our country.

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