In the wrong company

Dr Bwalya Ng’andu is saying many nice things which mean nothing – sweet nothings.

If he is truly concerned about corruption, violence and tribalism, Dr Ng’andu would not be in Edgar Lungu’s government today.

This is undeniably a very corrupt government – the most corrupt government Zambia has ever had. Dr Ng’andu, as Minister of Finance, knows very well the extent and nature of this corruption. But he has neither exposed it nor resigned from this corrupt government. Dr Ng’andu is an accomplice. If the police were to arrest corrupt members of this government, he would be found in their company and would also be picked. Of course he would try to protest that he is innocent and not corrupt. But in their usual style the police would simply tell him, “Uzakambila kusogolo…”

We all have heard tribal statements coming from Dora Siliya, the Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services and chief government spokesperson, but Dr Ng’andu has said nothing about it.

Dr Ng’andu, like all of us, has heard very tribal statements from Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba in his politicking and campaigns. But he said or has done nothing about it.

It cannot be denied that the Patriotic Front, the party that has sponsored Dr Ng’andu to Parliament, is the most violent political party in Zambia today. Dr Ng’andu has never condemned its violence. But today he says, “The President is urging us to be catalysts in promoting peace, contributing to stability and preventing political violence. If we believe that political violence is wrong and unacceptable the moral burden we carry as leaders is to prevent it or extinguish it through the force of our example.”

Yes, Dr Ng’andu is a decent and peaceful man. But then what is he doing in the company of these corrupt and violent people?

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