MMD is ‘ready to rumble’ Mukuka

THE MMD says it is done with all the provincial elections and that committees are in place and ready to rumble.

Spokesperson Cephas Mukuka said the MMD go to the polls on the March 20.

“This is surely in line with our party constitution and in readiness for the forthcoming Tripartite General Elections in August. I can comfortably confirm that we are done with all the provincial elections and that committees are in place and ready to rumble,” he said. “In the recent past we came under fire from some circles who mislead themselves hoping that we would not go to the national convention any time soon or never.”

Dr Mukuka said the MMD was the mother of democracy not only in Zambia but the entire African continent.

He said going by that background, the MMD would avoid by all means to create caricatures of democracy.

Dr Mukuka said it should be noted that from inception, the MMD had always gone to the convention.

He said the forthcoming would actually be the party’s 7th national convention.

“As per our custom, all positions from the presidency are up for grabs and campaigns are in progress. The eligible aspirants are those who are in good standing with the party. I can further confirm that the Secretariat has put in place a swift and intelligent mechanism to be used in provinces to avoid all manner of confusion which may arise,” said Mukuka. “A number of credible individuals and institutions have been invited to come and help monitor and conduct the said elections. The voting will be by virtual due to the Corona Virus pandemic, but all ministry of health guidelines shall be observed.”

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