A govt of donations

The government seems to have no money to fund its institutions but the President and his ministers seem to have very deep pockets.

And where government fails they step in and make donations. They seem to be the financiers of first and last resort.

But where is this money coming from? And is this really the best way to fund public institutions?

On Saturday Edgar Lungu donated a bus to the Copperbelt University, a public institution.

And the Dean of Students Stylish Magida expressed gratitude to the President saying he has shown great love to “the students who are his children.”

She said the gesture shows the importance he attaches to education and encouraged the President to continue with the same spirit.

And the Copperbelt University Students Union president thanked the President for his benevolence saying, “This, Your Excellency, shows that you care for us.”

This certainly is not the way to run public institutions. This is nothing but corruption and deception. And it is very sad that this is today being seen as benevolence from a caring father! Our people are being blinded by these clearly corrupt donations being made from proceeds of corruption.

We are told in Sirach 20:29, “Gifts and bribes make even the wise blind to the truth, and prevent them from being honest in their criticism.”

What is the source of this money? What is the motive behind these donations? This is certainly not earned income.

They want to be seen as benevolent and caring so that they are liked and voted for a third term.

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