HONOURABLE’s VOICE: Vote for your girl child, Muyangana tells Chikankata voters

VOTE for your own child, born among you, Chikankata Constituency parliamentary aspirant Namasiku Chiku Valarie Muyangana has said.

Muyangana, who aspires to contest on the UPND ticket in this year’s general elections, is confident of victory – and become the first female member of parliament for Chikankata Constituency.

Chikankata Constituency is a huge under-developed expanse in the southern part of Mazabuka district, in Southern Province.

The constituency falls under Chikankata district.

Muyangana, the granddaughter of the late chief Mweenda (Samson Mweenda), was born on February 19 at Chikankata Mission Hospital from Nellie Renee Mwiinga and Godfrey M Muyangana.

She is married to Pastor David EAkpokugbe.

In terms of education, Muyangana went to Lotus and Neem Tree Primary Schools and later to Kasama Girls’ Secondary School in Northern Province, Kalonga and Kabwe Secondary Schools in Central Province.

She further attended Regent College for a secretarial course and went to Damelin College (BBA in marketing management).

Muyangana is now the chief executive officer of Achievers Africa Marketing & Training, whose headquarters are in Johannesburg, South Africa.

She shares with The Mast her passion for public service.

Muyangana pledges to spur socio-economic change in Chikankata Constituency.

“I believe Chikankata district has a great deal of economic potentials but I’m that saddened that the previous government leadership neglected it in all areas, especially the road network expansion and maintenance of health facilities such as the clinics and Chikankata Mission Hospital,” she says.

Muyangana further regrets about the dilapidated state of schools in Chikankata.

“Our hardworking teachers are forced to work in these deplorable conditions of learning. The population of Chikankata has increased over the years with approximately 150,000 people,” she says.

She adds that while Zambia is currently overwhelmed by tough economic times, there is no excuse for isolating Chikankata district from the government rural development agenda.

Muyangana notes that Chikankata has viable economic drivers which have not been utilised to full potential.

Her campaign promises include development of road network, agriculture development, health, and mining.

Other campaign promises hinge on improving schools in the constituency, women and youth empowerment, in partnership with local and international organisations, rural electrification and water reticulation.

“As people of Chikankata, let us not be deceived by opportunistic politicians who just want your votes and drop you when they get into power. Vote for your own child, born among you, who knows your real problems and challenges,” Muyangana appeals. “Together we will work in unison lobbying the government and the private sector in order to bring development to our land of Chikankata.”

She tells voters in Chikankata to vote for a woman, especially one running on a political party with people’s interests at heart.

“Vote for the UPND leadership for national development. Let’s not waste our time and bright future of our children with a party destined to pull you in the mud; bumpy roads, mediocre healthcare for another five years,” she says. “Vote for your girl child you raised and educated and now she has come home to live and work among you and bring about meaningful development for a better life for all.”

Muyangana notes that all parliamentary aspiring candidates ought to share their development agenda for Chikankata.

“Let them tell us what they will do for Chikankata, instead of focusing on 4x4s, gratuity and kickbacks,” she says.

She also spoke about infrastructural deficit in Chikankata district.

Muyangana further regrets that less than 10 per cent of people in Chikankata have no access to piped, clean water.

She concludes by committing herself to Chikankata residents and Zambians at large.

Muyangana says she will be a good politician, God-fearing, well read and in touch with the people.

“I will ensure full accountability to my constituency and wards to which I aspire to represent. As a good politician, I will create industrial development which will, in turn, create multiple jobs for children and all hardworking, forward thinking citizens,” says Muyangana.

“As a member of parliament, I will ensure that we teach our children how to catch fish not to be given fish so they can eat fish every day. As your member of parliament, I will be in touch with your everyday challenges and everyday aspirations to ensure that we rekindle your desire for success which my predecessors failed to do.”

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