NDC urges Lungu to ‘retire peacefully’

THE National Democratic Congress has urged President Edgar Lungu to retire peacefully at the expiry of his second term, saying the ruling PF is not short of leaders to succeed him.

Lusaka Province NDC chairman Kennedy Siyanda advised President Lungu to start choosing a successor before it is too late.

“Fellow citizens, as NDC Lusaka Province, we are urging President Edgar Lungu to retire peacefully at the expiry of his second term. We have stressed that we are purely giving this advice in the interest of mother Zambia and respect for our own Republican Constitution. In this latest commentary, we want to assure President Lungu that the PF is not short of leaders to take over from him,” Siyanda said. “We are therefore advising President Lungu to start choosing a successor before it’s too late. We are aware that choosing a successor is not easy, especially for President Lungu who has too many skeletons in his cupboard.”

He suggested several names to potentially succeed President Lungu.

“We have taken our time to study and assess the leaders in the PF, and the following are possible successors: Davies Chama aka ‘Silent One’ Minister of Defence. The former secretary general and past Zambia Railways board chairman is a level headed leader who rarely indulges in petty politics. He is a silent operative who carries out his duties with distinction,” Siyanda said.

Other options, according to Siyanda, are Lusaka Province minister Bowman Lusambo and livestock minister Nkandu Luo.

“Hate or love him, chief bootlicker [Lusambo] has proved to be a darling among the public because of his forthright approach to public affairs. Lusambo, the newcomer from MMD, fully understands the DNA and character of PF and has successfully assimilated it. He is a man of action who is not afraid to act. His heroics include blocking travellers from outside Lusaka from ‘entering’ the capital city and whipping night movers, all in the interest of containing the COVID-19 threat,” he said. “He is a generous leader as evidenced by the cash he is dishing out to potential voters on the Copperbelt Province. He is also not afraid to dissolve incompetent party structures in his Kabushi Constituency. Surely, chief bootlicker would ensure that President Lungu enjoys his retirement.”

Siyanda added that Professor Luo was a woman of integrity who was not swayed by the ‘tenderpreneurship’ tendency while serving as minister of health.

“Professor Nkandu Luo, since ascending to the political scene in the [Frederick] Chiluba days, has been a performer. We recall her performing as minister of transport and minister of high education. Professor also performed at the ministry of chiefs and traditional affairs,” he said. “There was no report of her dating a traditional ruler. She is a woman of integrity who was not swayed by the ‘tenderpreneurs’ while serving as minister of health. We have seen how her successors have succumbed to ‘bribery and deals’ while at the health ministry. In her case, the Professor has remained steadfast. To crown it all, no livestock is reported missing under her charge at the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock. With this level of integrity, she can equally care for President Lungu in retirement.”

Siyanda said another suggestion to take over the PF presidency is lands minister Jean Kapata.

“While she may not hesitate to ‘baptise’ any errant citizens, this former theatre nurse has proved to be a capable leader in all the ministries that she has served. She is currently serving in one of the most challenging ministries – Lands – where unruly land-grabbing PF cadres constantly tarnish the image of government. That aside, we have not heard of any reports linking her to these land grabbers,” said Siyanda. “Stephen Kampyongo. He has been one of the longest serving interior ministers clearly indicating how he has grasped defence and security matters. Although he still owes the public a concrete explanation over the gassing incident, he has proved to be a capable leader. President Lungu would definitely be safe with Kampyongo at plot one…There is therefore, no need for President Lungu to go for politicians from the FDD, EFF, ZR, NDC and DP among others to take over from him. President Lungu does not need to look to YALI [Young African Leaders Initiative] as well. We have guided you, retire honorably.”

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