People must remain the custodians of power – Chisela

ZAMBIANS United for Sustainable Development president Lazarus Chisela says any political party that forms government under the current system only produces a very powerful President who ends up being worshipped.

Chisela, who is heading the just founded political party, says their belief is that people must remain the custodians of power.

In an interview, Chisela said his party’s belief was that good governance would only be achieved by reducing the powers in the Presidency.

“We need to change the system of governance if we are to experience sustainable development. A system that will not only concentrate on an individual but focuses on strong institutions,” he adds.

“Currently, we have a system which promotes an individual to be above the law. And that person is above the law, how does this person become so powerful and above the law from 1964 to date? Our MPs have been cherry-picking the constitution, only picking what they want to put in the constitution which will give them more power and control.”

Chisela added that all regimes since independence have had very powerful Presidents, a narrative which needs to change.

“All governments have done this, including this government [PF], which is why we want to reduce these powers…The President has powers to appoint inspectors general, permanent secretaries, judges, chief executives of parastatals, he is chairman of IDC, so the President has become so powerful such that every Zambian starts kneeling down and praying to him, unfortunately including some churches,” said Chisela.

“Any government that is going to continue under the same system will [still] produce a very powerful president that will have the power to sell the country to anybody he wishes to. That is why ZUSD do not give the power to anybody.”

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