Those attacking HH are wasting their time – Sialubalo

SINAZONGWE member of parliament Gift Sialubalo says those attacking UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema are wasting their time because Zambians have already decided to elect him as the country’s next president.

Addressing constituency party officials when they attended a general assembly in Choma, Sialubalo said there was no need for anyone to get distracted by those attacking Hichilema daily but instead continue recruiting more people on the ground to win the August general elections.

“We are only answerable to the majority voters and not blind competitors who are hell-bent on their selfish motives to always come up with schemes to find faults in our president, HH,” he said. “Those attacking HH are wasting their time because Zambians have already decided to make him the country’s next president. So colleagues, the battle lines have been drawn. Let’s go out there to work and not spending time on social media.” Sialubalo only when everyone was fully committed in supporting the cause of the party would they manage to give Hichilema a one hundred per cent vote in the August general elections.

“Those talking ill of us as a party or as elected leaders, don’t listen to them. Our achievements even in Sinazongwe will be there for everyone to see for years to come. Our focus should not be on who goes for the position of the councillor, council chair or MP, but on ensuring that come August, HH must be in State House,” said Sialubalo. “Let us not focus on ourselves to say, ‘who wants to stand where’. No! Ourselves even if we don’t campaign, we are rest assured that we will win but where there is work to do is on the president. So those scrambling for positions of MP or councillor should know very well that without HH in State House they will end up being blamed of not working like they are blaming us in positions now despite our efforts to do things within our means without support from government. We have built schools, constructed market shelters and drilled boreholes among other many things we have done but to our blind competitors this is nothing. So let’s not pay much attention to those criticizing us but focus on helping our president to get more votes this time around.”

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