WE’LL ALL PAY THE PRICE…for a political system, elections dominated by money and donations – M’membe

SOCIALIST Party leader Fred M’membe has warned that the whole nation will pay the price for elections dominated by money and donations from the ruling party.

In his reflection, Dr M’membe expresses concern that the current scenario has made it easy for the country’s politics to be dominated by crooks with money.

“As the August 12, 2021 elections are nearing, we seem to be increasingly witnessing an increase in donations from politicians in the governing party. Why? What are the consequences of these donations on our politics and elections?” he asked. “There’s no doubt – and I can state it with absolute certainty – we will all pay the price for a political system and elections dominated by money and donations.’’

M’membe said the current system favoured those with money even if they had no leadership qualities.

He described it as a destruction of multiparty democracy people fought for in 1991.

“In truth, these donations are nothing but bribes.

The increasingly skyrocketing cost of running for public office is making it far too easy for those with money to manipulate election outcomes,” Dr M’membe added. “When a political system is twisted to serve those, who can pay the most, the ripple effect is profound. It hurts our multiparty democracy and the political plurality of our nation on every level.”

While describing the problem as real, Dr M’membe urged organisations and ordinary citizens to fight it with vigour.

“This problem is real and it calls for effective ways to fight the negative effects of money-based multiparty democracy and elections. If we don’t tenaciously fight this practice the poor of this country will never be able to set themselves political goals and achieve them. The poor will not be able to be elected as councillors, members of parliament or even as presidents,” he warned. “We need to return the control of our political system to the voters. This can only be achieved if the voters themselves own the elections. I urge all citizens of good will and their organisations to help educate the public on the problem of money in our politics and elections and ways to take action.”

Dr M’membe said politics dominated by money were a serious drawback to good governance.

“There’s need to expose corruption and other abuses of our political system and seek the necessary changes to the way things are done. There’s need for our people to be helped to use their power to counteract the power of money in our politics and elections,” he said. “There are real drawbacks to the current interplay between money and politics. Perhaps more than overt corruption, the current system breeds cynicism and apathy – two enemies of multiparty democracy. If Zambians feel like they don’t have a voice, then all sorts of people – potential voters and potential candidates alike – don’t get involved because they don’t think they can matter.”

And Dr M’membe urged citizens to stand up against electoral corruption.

He said people should be angry with a system that takes away their conscience by bribing them.

Dr M’membe warned further that the current scenario favoured incumbents over their competitors.
“And important policy differences are obscured by the patina of money and donations. And candidates are forced into a never-ending cycle of money which greatly favour incumbents over even the most-worthy challengers. If the Zambians want to get money out of politics, it’s time to take our elections back,” said Dr M’membe. “Voting is the most powerful form of expression that a single citizen has. When citizens vote, politicians have to listen. We must improve voter turnout and engage within our communities to combat the undue influence of money in our multiparty political dispensation. There are many things each one of us can do to fight the impact of money in our politics and elections.”

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