Zambia is experiencing a critical deficit of political talent – Msoni

NASON Msoni says it is incontestable that Zambia is experiencing a critical deficit of political talent.

To broaden electoral options for Zambians, Msoni, the All People’s Congress (APC) president, has availed himself for the Republican presidency in the August 12 vote.

He also says the APC welcomes any citizen who wishes to contest for any electable positions on its ticket.

“Women candidates are encouraged to come forward and apply for adoption. Certainly, the party is ready for the forthcoming elections in August,” Msoni said in an interview, stressing that the APC remained active, intact and solid. “After a lot of soul-searching and reflection on the overwhelming demands and requests made by a cross section of Zambians, I have decided to formally toss my hat in the ring and run for the Office of President of the Republic of Zambia.”

He explained that his participation in the forthcoming elections was intended to give Zambians a wider choice.

Msoni noted that at the centre of his crucial decision was his vast untapped political experience and credentials.

He said those credentials ought to now be tested and applied for the betterment of Zambia.

“There is no dispute that the country is experiencing a critical deficit of political talent and has a critical shortage of leadership skills,” Msoni said. “The deficit and shortage of political talent and skills is evident by the rapidly declining living standards of our people and the fast shrinking economy.”

He regrets that cronyism had systematically and overwhelmingly given way to the unqualified citizens to occupy professional slots in the government, at the expense of technocrats.

Msoni further said there was escalated corruption in the government and that it had even reached an unprecedented crescendo.

He said it was for that reason that it mattered less to those in the government for Zambians to be subjected to consuming expired drugs.

“The extent and level of lawlessness in the country should now be troubling to every law-abiding citizen. The need for a new direction for the country is therefore imperative and compelling in every sense,” Msoni said. “The need for Zambia to reclaim its lost glory and position among the dignified nations of the international community cannot be over-emphasised. It is imperative and compelling that we change the current trajectory of our country.”

He said the divisive nature of the kind of politics employed by government leaders only served to further widen the political divide in the country.

“We urgently need to repair this damage caused by political opportunists who view leadership as an opportunity to make money,” he said. “But this should not be done at the expense of national unity and coercion. In totality, this will undoubtedly need an experienced and seasoned political operator who can mend the damage which has been caused.”

Msoni said it would be necessary to reassure injured Zambians that: “we are all citizens of the same country striving for equal opportunities.”

He assured citizens that he is a safe pair of hands that can be trusted with the onerous responsibility and the task of running an accountable and inclusive government on behalf of everybody.

“I believe that at this point in time I’m the best suited custodian for the Zambian public,” Msoni noted.

Meanwhile, Msoni, on whether or not the APC had leadership structures around the country, responded that: “yes we have sympathisers. But we are not encouraging a culture of consolidating and creating structures.”

“So, what we are saying is that if you agree with the vision of president Msoni, please don’t join the APC but support the candidate for APC – president Msoni,” said Msoni. “Vote for us but don’t join our party because we don’t want a big tail remaining behind after we have formed government. Beyond 2021 we want a different way of doing politics, unlike where criminals identify themselves with the party that forms government.”

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