IT IS BOUND TO BE WORSE…PF are capable of more atrocities – Hamusonde

BE ready for worse than was seen with the death of Nsama Nsama and Joseph Kaunda unless the PF government stops stifling the democratic space and abusing the police, says chief Hamusonde.

Hamusonde of Monze west says the PF government has not fully respected Zambians human rights.

“My subjects are a victim of the PF’s failure to respect human rights. In June 2019 they raided and brutalised innocent fishermen and women in my chiefdom at a fishing camp. It is by God’s grace that no one died, but the men, women and children were so traumatised by the brutality against them for nothing but merely to be Zambians,” he said. “So after the failure by the PF government to ensure justice for late Nsama and Kaunda it is a clear warning that they are capable of more atrocities. In this regard I would like to warn all Zambians that it is bound to be worse than we what saw in Lusaka when Nsama and Kaunda were shot like…”

He added that more Zambians may die regardless of which political party they belong to.

“Late Nsama was an innocent State prosecutor who took a bullet that was fired by his own employers’ agents, the police, and a UPND supporter Joseph Kaunda. So unless the PF government stops stifling the democratic space using the police, even a PF cadre may take a bullet,” Hamusonde said.

He appealed for peace among political players especially the youths saying this age group is the one that is most a time abused by wealthy politicians to cause mayhem against other political players.

Hamusonde said unless Zambia has a peaceful and free elections in August violence shall always haunt the country.

“We need peace, we need free and fair elections. We need a fair and levelled playing field in politics. Many politicians have been intimidated and incarcerated on flimsy grounds all because the PF wants to perpetually remain in power. The will of God cannot be changed by power hungry PF leaders,” he said.

On unemployment, corruption and poverty, Hamusonde said these won’t end as long as the PF continues with its undemocratic and thieving manners.

“Unless we have a clean leadership that is not full of thieves, corruption, unemployment and poverty will never end,” he said.

Hamusonde urged all registered voters to verify their details with the Electoral Commission of Zambia so that they don’t get disenfranchised in August.

“Please check your details and go and vote for leaders of your choice,” urged Hamusonde.

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