CHANGE IS COMING …SP will transform, reverse and give hope to millions of Zambians – Musumali

DR COSMAS Musumali says it is clear that Zambia will never be the same under the Socialist Party leadership.

Speaking when the SP unveiled 35 candidates that have been adopted for various constituencies, Dr Musumali said the people of Zambia have suffered immensely.

He said the critical issue has always been that of leadership which is detached, not caring, greedy and marginalises the masses.

“The Socialist Party will transform, will reverse and will give hope to millions of Zambians. There is always something that my brother, friend and comrade talks about. Fred M’membe says leaders lead and the people govern. When he says leaders lead, he is talking about a leadership which is part and parcel of the people,” Dr Musumali said. “You cannot lead people you don’t understand. You cannot lead people you have no infirmity to. If there is no proximity between you and those people, you can’t lead them. You are manipulating them, you are betraying them, you are lying to them and this is what the masses of Zambia have been subjecting to over the past 30 plus years. People have been betrayed and this leadership you are seeing today is saying enough is enough.”

Of the 35 candidates unveiled yesterday, 17 are women while 18 are men.

Dr Musumali said the Socialist Party is once again setting the pace and standard of the democratic process of Zambia.

Three of the candidates are from Muchinga, two from Northern, Luapula (three), Southern (five), Central Province (three), North Western (five), Western (four), seven from the Copperbelt, two from Eastern and one from Lusaka’s Matero Constituency.

Dr Musumali said when political parties talk of gender parity, the Socialist Party is walking the talk and demonstrated it in their adoption.

“Our aim is to ensure that in the Socialist Party the people of Zambia are represented 50 per cent minimum by women and we encourage other political players to do the same,” he said.

Dr Musumali said out of the 35 candidates, nine are below the age of 30 while the youngest two are aged 22.

He said when political leaders talk of youth empowerment and that they are the leaders of the future, the Socialist Party states that “if this is true democracy” the majority ought to rule.

“The majority ought to be in positions of leadership and we are showing it that a big proportion of our candidates to date, these are people below the age of 30, below the age of 35. The cornerstone of democracy is also that the marginalised, the poor masses get to participate actively and among the 35 candidates, no one of them can be said to be rich, no one can be classified as a big fish, the big fish represent other big fishes,” he said.

Dr Musumali said the Socialist Party has leadership that is organic, emerging from the ranks of the masses, and the humble representing themselves.

He noted that today the situation has always been that those that are rich and those with money are the ones who stand out and offer themselves to become people’s representatives.

“If you don’t know what the suffering of the masses is, if you are not part of them, you are imposing yourself. You don’t understand what the masses actually need. You don’t understand the ability of the masses to be able to participate democratically in this process,” he said.

Dr Musumali said among the 35 candidates are women that earn their living as marketeers.

He noted that in other political parties, marketeers are the ones that are called upon to sing and dance as well as ululate but in the Socialist Party they have a big role to play in the democratic process of the country.

Adopted Matero Constituency candidate Barbra Chekuda Maramwidze said art and politics are inseparable.

“Some of you may be surprised to see me here today and you are asking yourselves what I am doing here today because you have known me as an artist and not as a political person. But the two are inseparable,” she said. “I’m here today as a revolutionary. To help bring the necessary changes needed in our country, the real change needed to get us out of poverty and despair we are in today. I did not stand up on my own and say I want to be a member of parliament. Members of the community in which I live, in which I was born, in which I gave birth to my own children, approached me and demanded that I represent them in Parliament this year.”

Chekuda Maramwidze said after some deep reflection and extensive consultations, she agreed.

“I examined the ideas, the principles, the outlook of this party and its key leadership and I became absolutely convinced that there is no sensible alternative to what the Socialist Party is pursuing.

I was acting real life situations, the daily realities of our people. Today, I join the struggle for the real life realities of our people,” said Chekuda Maramwidze. “Today I give to this struggle all the talents the good Lord gave me and I pledge to work closely with the leadership of our party in Matero and in the whole country to help our peoples struggle – to build themselves a more just, a more peaceful Zambia full of equity. And I sincerely believe that with Fred M’membe as President of our country such a Zambia is possible and I urge you fellow countrymen and women, all of you my friends in Matero and all of you my fans to join this struggle, your struggle and deliver the Socialist party an election victory on August 12th.”

The full listof candidates:

Mirriam Mutong’a (Mwinilunga), Felistus Kuku (Kabompo), Lydia Kasonya (Chavuma), Chingeji Musoka (Zambezi West), Kasong’u Kaumba Fred (Manyinga), Nyambe Mumembe (Luena), Mirriam Musangu Kapenda (Liuwa), Bwime Chingumbe (Luampa), Chimponda M. Bwalya (Lubansenshi), Mwenya Mukupa (Lunte), Mwansa Merra (Mwense), Chishimba Bernard (Chienge), Ching’andu George (Bangweulu), Mpundu Joseph satur (Mfuwe), Juliet Mwape (Chinsali), Kafwimbi Lunda Namutowe (Nakonde Central), Aaron Banda 9Chadiza), Peter Banda (Kapoche), Niza Chisha Nakazwe 9Mufulira), Christine Chomba Mulenga (Kalulushi), Ruth Luapula (Chillilabombwe), Dorian Shamfuti (Lufwanyama), Innocent Kombe (Nchanga), Blessings Mwale (Masaiti), Grace Natasha Namunyola (Kacha), Kenmax Hamoonga (Dundumwezi), Phaides Hamayobe (Siavonga), Thelma Nkoloma (Mazabuka Central), Brill Aggephrey (Livingstone), Mwiya (Kazungula), Sheik Chifuwe (Itehi tehi), Cephas Tweende (Katuba), Paul Chilenga (Kapiri Mposhi), and Barbara C. Maramwidze (Matero).

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