Lungu has outsmarted UPND – Kamba

KENNEDY Kamba says the opposition UPND is desperately seeking public attention by accusing President Edgar Lungu and the PF in general falsely.

After unveiling Mutale Nalumango as the UPND’s new vice-president on Tuesday, party leader Hakainde Hichilema accused PF leaders of being mwankoles who have eaten up everything.

He said the UPND was the hope the country has been waiting for and “truly deserves”.

“Many people want to be presidents of political parties but very few are presidents of viable parties because it is tough. You have to dig down into your values, your commitment to the people of Zambia, into what you believe in and then work diligently – work hard,” said Hichilema. “There’s nothing called lucky. You have to plan. You have to execute. There’s a heavy burden. It’s been tough but I think what we have done to bring the party to where it is today, it’s an assessment you can make on your own. When we took over this party, we were 27 per cent of the national vote. Today, over 50 per cent of the national vote. That’s not a joke. But it’s not me alone. It’s the team.”

But Kamba, the Lusaka Province PF secretary, said President Lungu has outsmarted the opposition.

“The opposition is desperate and seeking attention from Zambians but President Lungu has outsmarted them already through hard work and he is winning the August general elections,” he said. “…Shame on HH and his minion of friends! He is a vulture and a real Mwankole. Zambians deserve better and this is why President Edgar Lungu has continued to ignore HH’s hallucinations and working round the clock to ensure that major mines are back in the hands of the people of Zambia.”

Kamba said the PF had done enough to deserve another term of office.

He said the economic destiny and prosperity of the country is in the hands of Zambians themselves and “that’s why President Lungu is returning power to the citizenry”.

“Today the PF has done everything possible and is doing everything within its powers to empower Zambians, to give authority to the citizens through human integral development programmes,” said Kamba. “On a larger scale, President Lungu is radically pushing the agenda of development by building schools, hospitals, bridges, creating employment, restoring the decency and the dignity of the men and women in uniforms by providing good housing and better conditions of service. It is because of all these achievements through action-oriented approach to governance that has made President Edgar Lungu incomparable, popular and loved by Zambians.”

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