How deep are Lungu’s pockets, asks M’membe

SOCIALIST Party leader Fred M’membe has questioned President Edgar Lungu’s donation to a cancer patient, saying the Head of State should instead improve health facilities.

Recently, President Lungu pledged to pay a K60,000 bill for a cancer patient in Kabwe.

But Dr M’membe wondered if President Lungu has more money than the national treasury.

“Does the President have more money than the Ministry of Health or Ministry of Finance? Can a sitting President really donate instead of directing his ministers to do something about situations like this?” he asked. “Again, how deep are the President’s pockets? And are these the same pockets from which Bowman Lusambo draws money to give as donations to marketeers and churches? Why can’t the President simply put all this money in the Ministry of Health? I wish Chama God’s grace.”

Dr M’membe further asked if President Lungu should wait for social media reports for him to act.

“While we should all welcome anything being done to save the life, or reduce the pain, of cancer patient Chama Musonda of Kabwe, I think it should be done in a more rational, dignified and humane manner,” Dr M’membe said. “Following social media publicity, President Lungu pledged to meet the K60,000 required for Chama’s cancer medication. But is this really the way medical care should be extended to our people by their leaders in government? Where are the hospitals? Why are they not doing the jobs they were created to do?”

And Dr M’membe wondered how many unnoticed serious sick people there were across the country who needed specialised treatment.

He said instead of making donations, the government should improve all public health facilities.

“How many people are ill clad in our homes with similar or even much more worse illnesses than Chama is going through? Do we really have to wait for social media to highlight the plight of such sick people and move the President of the Republic to do something about it?” asked Dr M’membe. “We have specialised hospitals created to deal with such diseases as cancer. What are they doing? Where are they? Is it the new way that we should use to bring the President’s attention to the plight of thousands of our people who can’t get proper medication from public hospitals? And how deep are the President’s pockets for him to provide medical care to our fellow citizens who are ill and buy expensive buses for some of our public universities?”

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