Kambwili is a convict, cannot hold public office – Mumbi

THERE is a new sherriff in town, we can’t be taken back to the PF, the NDC has declared.

NDC vice-president Edward Mumbi also says ousted leader Chishimba Kambwili is a “convict” who can’t hold public office.

Addressing the press at Four Pillars Lodge in Lusaka yesterday, Mumbi flanked by party secretary general Bridget Atanga and other leaders said Kambwili was conducting himself illegally because he was not a bona fide member of the party.

Mumbi said Kambwili was a foul mouthed person and was not in order to refer to him and his colleagues as “fluffy dogs”.

He charged that Kambwili must prepare himself for a legal battle because his team was ready to take him on legally without abusing him verbally like he was.

Mumbi urged Kambwili to tone down as the Josephs Akafumba-led team was dealing with him one step at a time.

“Honourable Kambwili’s mischief is that of a scared person and the best he can do is… let him not throw stones when he is in a glass house. It is dangerous because the consequences may be very regrettable. The Registrar of Societies in this country has a list of NDC office bearers. Atanga and Akafumba are the duly registered as office bearers with the Registrar of Societies. Kambwili’s appetite to offend the law is not strange. He has always offended the law. He is where he is today because of that appetite,” he said. “Any other person who is independently holding functions in the name of NDC is therefore misrepresenting and holding out illegal meetings. Only the SG, who is Mrs Atanga, can call for a meeting of any nature.”

Mumbi urged Kambwili to repent and reconcile with people.

“Our ideas are further than his and I therefore take a very strong exception from the former interim president of the NDC calling us fluffy dogs. Probably he does not know what it means, I forgive him,” he said. “He cannot call us dogs, that is very primitive language. To the end of this battle, I will respect him. Decency calls for respect. He must realise that street language does not benefit any leader and authoritarian leadership where you think you are the Alpha and Omega does not benefit a leader. A leader must respect those he leads.”

Mumbi advised Kambwili to be patient as they deal with him.

“My advice is that please honourable, tone down as we deal with you step by step. We are law abiding citizens. We want to deal with you with all the legal firm that we are going to take and the only decent thing he can do is also to start thinking of engaging lawyers to help him with this legal battle because the fact is that he was an interim president. And he is not recognised by law at the Registrar of Societies and all his activities under NDC are criminal and illegal therefore,” he said. “Don’t be intimidated, Mr Kambwili has no legal standard to remove anyone from the party. He should not bring HH (UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema) in our NDC internal affairs. It’s not HH who asked NDC to go to the alliance. It’s the alliance partners who came up with a position of calling the alliance UPND Alliance which transformed from opposition alliance…The hatred for HH is a very primitive position taken by any leader. HH has absolutely nothing to do with this. This was not Hakainde Hichilema’s decision; it was a decision of the majority of the membership in the alliance.”

Mumbi said dragging Hichilema or Charles Milupi into their argument just shows and confirms how shallow minded Kambwili is as a leader.

“Politics have become scientific, populist politicians are long dead. If Mr Kambwili will ride on populism, he is likely to injure himself. I want to put it very clearly; a convict cannot hold public office. Mr Kambwili is a convict. He cannot hold public office. An appeal does not act as a stay of conviction. He has appealed against his conviction but it does not act as a stay,” he charged. “If he went to the police in an attempt to have his finger prints lifted to even apply for a firearm, it will be rejected because he is a convict.”

Mumbi said regardless of being a convict, the party tolerated him because it is a principled.

“So my advice to this convict is that he should have respect,” he said.

Mumbi said Kambwili has got a lot of money to sponsor people in all provinces when he was suffering with his colleagues not too long ago.

He warned Kambwili that he should be careful when he opens his mouth.

“Kambwili is not my match, that I can assure you. Kambwili is not my match because I have led a very decent life…so what I am saying is that let him be decent enough that if there is a legal battle, let us argue this battle from a legal standing because at the Registrar of Societies, he is not even there so what is he talking about? Mind you, education has its own bearing in reasoning,” said Mumbi.

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